Friday, March 14, 2008

Fun Fact Friday

The Fun Fact for the day is that Brad & I are going to the Steven Curtis Chapman concert tonight. It was completely unplanned and last minute, and I am so excited. It has been several years since we've even been to a concert at all....something I used to do very frequently in my younger days.
The funny part of the story is that this all came about because my best friend Tammy made a deal with Sara Kate. Sara Kate was promised last Saturday that she could spend the night with them tonight if she had no 'potty accidents' this week. Trust me, Sara Kate reminded me this morning of her success. And the rest is history. So, a big THANK YOU goes out to Eric & Tammy for giving us a kid-free evening on just the right night. Brad got on line and secured tickets this morning, and we're off to the show.
That my friends, is a fact that's fun. Oh, yes ma'am, fun indeed.


Terri said...

Well, girlfriend, I have to say I'm dh has been gone on an overnight fieldtrip since Wed. at 5:00 AM and won't be back 'till late, late much for my fun Friday night.
Have a super duper time and think of me as you get your kid free night alone with the love of your life.

chelle belle said...

Yea for Sara Kate!!!! Hope you guys have a great night out!!!! I love SCC!!!

Jess said...

You know, I was thinking of you last night, as I watched the crazy news last night about Atlanta getting hit with a big storm! I hope y'all weren't affected and still enjoyed your wonderful date night!


Brittany said...

Hope you had fun at the concert! Hopefully you will post about it soon. In response to your comment. I would absolutely love to do lunch with the Dalton girls. I adore each of you. What days are usually good for you?

Brittany said...

P.S. Looking at my daughter's size, I can't believe you birthed that. Bless you!