Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Culinary Creations...that I didn't create

Now, don't everybody laugh at once. I'm no Rachel Ray or Paula Deen, but I'm always ready for a throw down!! (If you don't watch the Food Network, that one will not make sense) All joking aside, I like cooking. Notice I used the word LIKE because that is most accurate, I like it, but I don't LOVE it. And, under certain circumstances I could down right despise it......BUT if the kids are content and busy and I'm not under any time constraints or pressure, I would call my kitchen and her contents my friends.

There are a few things that I (in my humble opinion) do well. My best friend, Tammy has always said that I do soups well, and I would agree with that (at least of the 2 or 3 that I make). I particularly like my roasts, and I do mashed potatoes the way God intended. I actually mash real potatoes.....just like my mama does. And, I can put a spoon full of gravy on top that'll make you slap your mama (although I wouldn't if I were you). But I, like everyone, have my limitations. I'm no fancy person. I'm a southerner, so I do country style foods well, but if it's five star fancy you're looking for then you might want to eat elsewhere. And don't get me wrong, I'm all about going out and having a fancy dinner that costs way too much. And although the portions may be small, they're usually tasty and everyone needs an occasion to get all 'gussied' up.

Anyway, with all that being said (unnecessary though it may have been) I had this idea last night while I was cooking supper to share with the world out there my 'go to' meals. The idea came about because what I was cooking for supper last night is SO easy, and it is pretty tasty as well.....and best of all, it's "Mexican with a VEGETABLE", so who can beat that. And, I thought to myself, the world needs to know this. Anyway, Tammy's mom, Gail brought this meal to us when we moved in last April, and I've been making it ever since. So, you have her to thank!

Chicken & Spinach Tacos served with Black Beans.

Theres not really a recipe, but I'll tell you what to do: You get the Tyson ready to eat grilled chicken (I use two packages) and you saute them with some frozen spinach in Olive Oil. I just eyeball how much spinach, and then I put whatever I didn't use back in the freezer. You could also add mushrooms into the pan if you like them. While that is sauteing, you open a can of black beans and stick them on the stove to warm. When everything is warm, you fill a tortilla with the mixture and slap your favorite toppings on it. I always use cheese and sour cream, because I'm God fearin' and I think that makes Him happy!! (I kid) Again, serve it with black beans and you've got yourself a meal. Sometimes, when I ignore the fact that my hips are the size of Texas I also serve it with cheese dip and tortilla chips. And, in case you're wondering, my kids love this meal. Bryce especially loves it.

Okay, next up: Italian Roast Beef Sandwiches

This is the meal that I usually take if I'm cooking for someone. Practically everyone who reads this blog will have had this meal, because I'm a creature of habit and I can do it in my sleep by now. Not to mention, it also seems to be pretty well received, and again, the important thing here is that it is easy. Here's what you do:

You get a shoulder roast from the store. I guess other roast cuts would work too, but they usually don't shred as well or as easily. Anyway, you put your shoulder roast in the crock pot. and, for every pound of meat you put 1 cup of water and 1 package of Good Season's Dry Italian Dressing mix. Then you let it cook all day (if you have less time cook it on high). Again, this is a great recipe if you want to put it on in the morning and come home to a finished meal. When it is done, it will just shred or fall apart very easily when you stick a fork in it. You put the meat on a hoagie bun with some provolone cheese and dress it however you like. It makes a sort of au jois dipping sauce. If you happen to be a dipper, there's a bonus for you. A lot of people will do horseradish and/or spicy mustard. Most of the time, when I make it for someone, I slice green peppers and red onions (they can be sauteed)....but I don't like either and I just eat it with meat and cheese, 'cause I'm a no-fuss kind of girl. I usually serve it with pasta salad, because it's easy (do you see a pattern here) and I can't think of anything else.

Now, wasn't I nice to enlighten you with these fabulous little meals? The only way to make it better would be to actually cook it and deliver it...but I'm not that nice. Feel free to return the favor. You can comment or email me if you have a super easy, tasty meal!!



Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

Okay, so saw your comment on Big Mama that you live within 30 minutes of Little Debbie Heaven, so I figured we must be close! I'm in Cleveland!!!

Jess said...

First off... Bobby Flay! I got it! I LOVE Throwdown with Bobby Flay! :) You'd think I cooked a lot for all the programming I watch on the Food Network! Ha!
And secondly... I'm afraid I must be one of the select few of your readers who have not experienced your wonderful roast beef! And VERY disheartened to learn that you will not be delivering! :(
Oh, well. Guess I better learn to perfect it myself. :)
Thanks for sharing!!


MBJones said...

I love the roast beef and am thrilled to have the recipe! It sounds so easy...even better. Love to read your blog. It always brightens my day. MB

The Wild World of Richmond said...

Hey, do I HAVE to have another baby to get the roast beef? I've never been honored by it....I think I'll just try to make it myself-less work in the long run. I love easy, simple recipes. I like to buy a porkloin, dump two bottles of bullseye original barbecue sauce over it in the crockpot and cook it all day. It shreds like your roast and is super easy and yummy.

Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...

Now I must say that I LIKE these recipes you are sharing with us, but where's the pasta salad recipe? That's the one I need! I LOVE your pasta salad. It is awesome!

Anyway, I have HEARD marvelous things about your Italian roast beef meal that you describe. Did you notice how I said that I have 'heard' about it? Well, you so kindly brought it over when we had Anna Grace, but my unlucky self was in the hospital again and my WHOLE family got to eat this fabulous roast beef meal that they didn't quit bragging about! While I was stuck with hospital food until Tammy Hil (that angel) brought me homemade lasagna with bread and a Dr. Pepper to boot!!!

So, between the 2 of you, my whole family was fed that weekend. All that to say this, I need to MAKE that roast beef recipe SOON or I can just tell Joe we need to have another baby in order to get it MADE FOR US!! LOL! I am afraid I am going to have to go with option A here!

Thanks for the recipes!