Friday, March 28, 2008

Fun Fact Friday: I'm a maniac

Well, it happened. I have turned in to that crazy mother. We all know the one. The mom sitting in the stands, um scratch that, the mom standing in the stands, screaming her head off, and waving her arms like crazy. Yep, that was me. I really don't know what happens. One minute I'm this normal person sitting in the stands and the next, I'm a cheerleader on steroids. Believe me, this is no pretty picture, but it's unstoppable.

Last night was the start of a Pre-Season Double Elimination T-Ball Tournament. Did you hear that people? A pre-season tournament....for T-Ball? Quite frankly, I thought the concept was a bit over the top.....especially since the parents (or any visitor) had to pay $1 to watch!! Are you kidding me, people? Anyway, all that changed when the game started.

Bryce has played T-Ball for the last two years. Technically, I think his first year he played he was really too young. But, what I'm saying is that he has two years on most of his team mates, although there are a few others who have played before as well. This particular association if very serious about their sports, and they play the better players up front unlike the last two years when every kid took a turn in every position. I did not know all this going in to it. When I signed up, I was not banking on a pre-season, double elimination tournament. But, with all that being said, Bryce was the lead off batter and he was up front when fielding, so that he could get the ball and get runners out.

The first inning, we took a beating. Our opponents scored 7 runs to our 1 (which was Bryce). But the second inning, they only scored two runs and we came back and scored 8. So, we were tied. My heart was absolutely racing. Coach put a runner on second and put Bryce up to bat. (apparently, that is the international rulebook way of handling a tie.....who knew there was an international rulebook) I had a quick word of prayer and he got a hit. Then, the team mate after Bryce got a hit, and our runner scored and so did Bryce. Whew.....sigh of relief. But, just let me describe the chaos that was the front row of the bleachers when Bryce was turing 3rd and heading for home. I think every last one of us was on our feet. GDaddy, Aunt Shelley, my mom, Bayley, me & Brad. I was holding Sara Kate (who was asleep) and waving my hands and was truly hilarious. But, it wasn't just me. Oh, no ma'am, my mama was every bit as bad as I was. She was standing up, and had gotten right up to the fence to hoop & holler. We're real classy!!

And, if you thought that was bad. You should have seen us when our oppenents were out there having there last chance. The coach put Bryce right out front and instructed him, that if the batter hit the ball, to get it and run to 1st. According to the international rule book, there is an automatic two outs, so all we needed was one out. Well, sure enough the batter hit the ball......right to Bryce. He got it, and hustled all the way to first base, and got the runner out. Our coach was so excited that he ran over to Bryce and hoisted him in the air. By this time, my nerves were shot!!

The fact is, I turn in to a maniac when it comes to cheering for my kids. Now, I'm not one of these crazy T-ball folks that argues with the ref or is ugly or rude. That would not be fun at all. No, I'm just an over zealous cheerleader. And, really its not just for my kids. Unfortuantely, I'm like that with all of them. I'm telling you, it's the in-grained cheerleader coming out in me.

But, you know, I make no apologies. Our kids need a little cheering every so often. And, almost without fail, I think about how God must cheer for us when we do something great for His glory. It makes me want to be pleasing to Him when I see how much joy I get out of seeing my kids work hard and do something good. I want to give God a reason to cheer!!

That's it for Fun Fact Friday. I'm loud & I'm proud. What can I say?? We play game 2 of the tournament Saturday.....heaven help me. If you hear something around 1:00 or so, it's probably me. I'm leaving you with a few pictures from the game. Enjoy!

Bryce warming up before the game. He's the one about to throw. Check out his wind up.

Bryce at one of his at-bats. Sorry it's fuzzy, there's just no good way to take a picture from the stands. I think he was getting ready to swing here.

Bryce after getting the game winning out. He was totally pumped!!


Paul & Shelley said...

Way to go Bryce!!!!

I am so glad I got to watch you play your first game.
You were awesome.
We'll be cheering you on from Lizella.

I Love you,
I'm very proud of you,
Aunt Sissy,

P.S. I'll remember not to sit by Granda next time. She gets excited, and lets just say, she doesn't check her swing.

The Wild World of Richmond said...

Woohoo!!!! Go Bryce! Sounds like he's the STAR player. Don't feel bad about the cheerleading it happens to the best of us...who can help it? Will and Bryn used to tell me not to yell at the basketball games. It embarassed them. Go figure... I was just proud.

Jess said...

Go, Bryce! Wow - look out Chipper!
I don't blame you for going all "soccer mom crazy" (or in your case T-Ball mom crazy!). Who knew T-Ball was such serious business!!
Too cute.


chelle belle said...

Sounds like so much fun! You got my heart going just reading your post! Way to go, Bryce!!!! Wahoooo!!!

Tammy said...

Way to go Bryce!!!! We can't wait to come watch you in action! Those are the sweet parts about being a mom! I get teary when Maddie comes out on stage in her recitals. I might stand up and cheer, but I would be afraid they would throw me out! :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go Bryce. Papa Tom and I hope to see you play soon.

Tamara Chastain said...

Oh my gosh! I felt like at was there. Way to go Bryce! Tamara

Erik and Angela Green said...

He looks like a future slugger if you ask me. Don't be discouraged by the scores in this league at all. Understanding the most basic fundamentals of the game is what matters! That was a funny story though.

Baxters said...


I just love your blog. I get a kick out of reading it - it really makes me miss home! I hope someday soon our kids will get a chance to meet.

I love it that you get so into it b/c I was the crazy t-ball, baseball, football, etc. aunt so I don't even want to think about when it's my own kids out there.


Aunt Amy said...

Bryce, that is fabulous!! We are so proud of you.
Cooper wants you to teach him to play baseball.

Love ya!
Aunt Amy

Tim & Angela Fleming said...

Thank you guys so much for all your support! It will be tough but I think I will manage to get though.
love yall,

Tim & Angela Fleming said...

Way to go Bryce!

We want to come see one of your games. Have fun!

Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...

Way to go Bryce!!!! I felt like I was there watching you win the ball game!! Whew, Shana, you were great at describing the game's events!! I am sure it was a blast and I would love to have seen all of you jumping up and down hollering!!

Congrats Bryce!



Anonymous said...

Three cheers for Bryce! I do need to set the record straight about my hanging on the fence. It was not that I was hanging on the fence at all, but when one reaches a certain age one can't see as well, so you have to get up close so as not to miss anything. I don't know why Aunt Sissy and Shana were doing hanging on the fence.

As for the swinging of the arms, I was just feeling a might claustrophobic and needing some space, nothing more.

I must say it was an EXCITING game.


Jenny Godwin said...

That's so awesome!! I hope to come to one or more of the games this season!!