Friday, November 21, 2008

My Budding Ballerina

Last week was parent observation day in Sara Kate's ballet class. She started classes in August, and up until now we had no idea what she was learning. So, it was fun to get to see her in action.

It's funny, I fought ballet classes tooth & nail. I just thought she was more of a gymnastics kind of girl because she, less than graceful (as the video proves). But, dadgummit, she sure is cute. And, she LOVES it. I was really surprised at how much they can actually teach 3 year olds. The class has learned several ballet terms (don't ask me what they are.........I'm a LOT less than graceful) and at least learned what they look like, if they haven't mastered the skill yet.

This spring, she'll be in her very first recital. We can't wait.

My favorite part of the video is where she is doing a sashay across the room, and she says hey daddy and then trips I said, "delicate flower" but she is stinkin' cute..............I'm thinking that'll take her a long way!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Y'all, I NEVER win anything. Never. Ever. But, I am super excited to say that the tide is changing, the leaf has turned over, my luck has changed, there's a new sheriff in town........or any other crazy way of saying: I WON! I actually WON!

A few days ago, I entered into a blog giveaway. I can't tell you how many I've entered since I started reading blogs. In fact, I actually had forgotten all about this. But, anyway, I can not tell you the amount of ridiculous hooping, hollering, and screaming that happened in the Farmer household when I saw my name on Big Mama's blog. This is right up there with having our bible study's contest entry posted on Beth Moore's blog.

So, seeing as how I just WON a gift certificate for some kids clothes........I gotta go shopping!!

One last thing: YIIIPPPPPEEEE (I haven't said that yet.)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A mind of her own

This is where we found Sara Kate the other night when we went to check on her. Sound asleep......on her toybox that GDaddy made her. If ever a child had a mind of their own, she does. You just never know what you're going to find when you check on Sara Kate.

Monday, November 10, 2008

And the Award goes to........


My friend, Cyndi blessed me with this little blogging award. I must say, I love the title "A perfect blend of friendship" because that truly is what most friendships are..... a blending of sorts, usually on several different levels. The award asks that you answer some questions, so here goes:

1. Do you have the same friends since childhood?

Not to be overly analytical here, but I do have the some of the same friends since childhood and I've also been blessed to acquire many more. But, I do enjoy a relationship with one friend in particular whom I have known since we were 4 or 5. Unfortunately, Misty is not a blogger (or a Facebook-er) so she probably won't see this and can't be tagged. But, we grew up in the same church and our mom's were/are friends. She lives in South Carolina now, and we don't get to see each other often; but everytime we pick up the phone to talk it is like we've never missed a beat. Also, Kellie and I have been friends since 2nd grade. And, she lives in the same city as I do, so we have NO excuse for not seeing each other often; but we do see each other some and we also always pick up where we left off. Much the same, Saundra and I have been friends since Jr. High and we manage to keep in touch as well.

Again, I've picked up several friends along the way that are also near and dear to my heart.

2. What do you value most about your friends?

I think I value our differences the most. In fact, most of my friends are very different than I am. I think that is what makes friendships so fun. Again, the word "blend" is so fitting. Every one brings their own personality to the table and you end up with the exact combination that makes your friendship special.

My friend for life (Brad) couldn't be more of a polar opposite.......but it works for us. Lord knows there could not be 2 people in the family that worry as much as I do......every last one of us would have ulcers. And, just to be fair, there could not be 2 people in the family that are as laid back as Brad, because Ohmyword.........I just about have a heart attack thinking about it.

I think I also value sharing in one another's lives too...... Just plain old laughing when they laugh, and crying when they cry, and the security that comes with knowing there are a handful of people who truly love you and care dearly about you.....warts and all.

3. Are your friends your sounding boards?

In a word...........YES! In fact, I've said to several of my close friends that I am addicted to their opinions. And, its true, if something is on my mind (good or bad or indifferent) I love to see what my friends think about it. In all honesty, I'm usually just trying to confirm that I'm not crazy sometimes. More often than not, Tammy and I joke that if we are speaking a different language than the rest of the world, at least we understand each other.

Bless their hearts, my friends have heard me vent and fume and gush and cry and rejoice and brag and every other emotion there is out there. I don't think I've left one out. And, not only do they still love me, but they wouldn't have it any other way.......(I think). At least, I wouldn't.

4. What is your favorite activity to share with your friends?

This one is easy. The short answer is just being together.......doing anything. I'm usually not very picky....... eating, shopping, talking, you know just about anything......taking our kids on little outings, eating (oh, did I mention that already). But, I do love going on weekend trips with my buddies......whether that is just Brad & I, or us and another couple, or just the girls........either way, it's all good.

And here is where I am supposed to tag 5 other folks. But, because I'm late to the "perfect blend" party and a couple of others have already posted and tagged and so forth.....I'm just going to say, if you'd like to post about your own personal Perfect Blend of Friendships, be my guest......or my tag-ee. I really enjoy reading them.

And, by the way, to all my friends out there (new and old) can I just take a moment to say how much you do mean to me. I love you. I value you. And, y'all make my world a much brighter, happier place. Now, I must go and find my sunglasses :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

So close, yet so far away

So today when I picked Bryce up from school he bounced in the car and immediately said that he had something for Sara Kate. Even before buckling, he had to dig it out of his backpack while she eagerly waited. He pulled out this colorful bracelet and began to show her how to put it on. She was obviously touched by this act of kindness and began telling Bryce how nice it was and how much she loved it. Then, a few minutes later, she said, (in her sweetest, most endearing voice) "Bryc-er (her nickname for him), I love you." To which he replied, "Don't even say that or I'll take it away!"

[Sigh] We were so close to having a sweet, little family moment there....... so close, so very close! Regardless, Bryce does get bonus points for thinking of his sister while picking out prizes from the good behavior box.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Gumball Tree

First of all, I am so behind on the blog. I have several different things to post, including this sweet nomination from my dear friend, Cyndi; and Bryce's first field trip, Halloween, and some home decorating too. But, I had to share this with you first because it is so funny. It perfectly paints a picture of the personalities of these two little ones. So without further ado, let me tell you about my two little gardeners.

Saturday, the Hildebrand's were over. And, as always, the kids were off playing. Once, when I went to check on them, they were using Sara Kate's play garden equipment to dig in my mulch along the front sidewalk of the house. Obviously, I redirected them explaining that I wasn't a big fan of holes in my mulch. So off they went to find bigger and better things to do. And, that's exactly what they did. Instead they went to the back yard to dig holes in the mulch....because nothing says obedience like moving to a different location to continue the mischief. Anyway, I digress.

A little while later, Brad came to inform me that the kids were planting gumballs. When we went out to check on them, sure enough, Ella & Sara Kate were very meticulously digging holes with the spade, carefully depositing one shiny gumball, covering said gumball with mulch, and finishing off the task by watering them. Apparently, they had been at it for quite some time; and they were playing so well and quietly. It's funny how quiet those two can get when their up to no good. But, we found it so funny that all we could do was take pictures and give them just a few more gumballs to plant.

When I went outside to get a few shots at the scene of the crime, I asked the girls what they were planting, halfway thinking that they were pretending that they were really planting seeds. But, no, not those two.

They promptly replied, "Gumballs."

Naturally, I followed up, "So, what do you think is going to grow?"

"A gumball tree." The girls emphatically explained....which makes me wonder if they thought I was a little on the dumb side for asking such a stupid question.

To which, big brother Bryce promptly and rather sarcastically replied, "Not if you don't water it."

I so wish I had done a video of that conversation. It was truly priceless. I don't know what is more funny: The fact that the girls thought they were planting gumballs that would really sprout into gumball trees, or the fact that Bryce knew it wouldn't grow unless it was watered.

Both Ella and Sara Kate have personalities to beat the band. They are their own little people, following no one. We constantly joke that Sara Kate is walking through life "starring" in her own little musical. And she operates under the assumption that rules are only suggestions, and they are really meant for everyone but her anyway. While Ella is the mischievous dare devil, that at times, makes her mother thank the good Lord she is so darn cute......and she is So. Darn. Cute!! Did I put that accurately Tammy? But, together they are the 1-2 combination of "too cute for words" and "holy cow, what are they up to now."

Anyhow, I thought you'd enjoy some pictures of the little gardeners slaving away over their gumball trees.

By the way, the real crime was that we had no clue that they even had the gumballs, which I find just as funny as the fact that they were planting them. I have no idea how many they planted, but I'd give anything to make a little something grow for them.........maybe they were planting their imaginations!!

As a quick side note, their older siblings were watching all of this take place from the screened in porch, happily coloring some pictures together. And, because they were born 7 weeks apart and because they are now 6 years old, that alone just about makes my heart explode with happiness.