Friday, November 21, 2008

My Budding Ballerina

Last week was parent observation day in Sara Kate's ballet class. She started classes in August, and up until now we had no idea what she was learning. So, it was fun to get to see her in action.

It's funny, I fought ballet classes tooth & nail. I just thought she was more of a gymnastics kind of girl because she, less than graceful (as the video proves). But, dadgummit, she sure is cute. And, she LOVES it. I was really surprised at how much they can actually teach 3 year olds. The class has learned several ballet terms (don't ask me what they are.........I'm a LOT less than graceful) and at least learned what they look like, if they haven't mastered the skill yet.

This spring, she'll be in her very first recital. We can't wait.

My favorite part of the video is where she is doing a sashay across the room, and she says hey daddy and then trips I said, "delicate flower" but she is stinkin' cute..............I'm thinking that'll take her a long way!


The Wild World of Richmond said...

I think the delicate flower part will blossum later, but she DOES definitely have the "stinkin' cute" part down. Sara Kate's the cutest little ballerina I've ever seen (other than my own stinkin' cute ballerina).
It does always amaze me the terms that they start teaching them early. AND...I think it does make a difference if they start early or not. If they wait, they usually are a little behind.

Tammy said...

Cute, cute, glad she finally wore you down! :)

MBJones said...

A girl after my own heart...dancing to the beat of her own drum. I love that little girl! MB

Tammy Howard said...

Stinkin cute will take you a long long way!!!!!

I think she is doing a great job and you can tell she is having great fun!!!

Tim & Angela Fleming said...

She is STINKIN CUTE no matter what she does! You go girl!!!

-brittany- said...

That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Bridenstine3 said...

She's cute. Where do you guys take dance? PS-The party was wonderful. We really enjoyed it.

Paul & Shelley said...

Too cute!!!! We are going to have to have a private concert Christmas day.

Love you!!
Keep Dancing Sara Kate
Aunt Sissy (Sara Kate and Bryce's Aunt Sissy

-brittany- said...

okay, time for an update!!! I can only say this because it had also been over two weeks since I had posted, until tonight. So I need some Farmer action. I know you guys have been sick (we too :) Hope you guys are feeling much much better!!!