Monday, November 3, 2008

The Gumball Tree

First of all, I am so behind on the blog. I have several different things to post, including this sweet nomination from my dear friend, Cyndi; and Bryce's first field trip, Halloween, and some home decorating too. But, I had to share this with you first because it is so funny. It perfectly paints a picture of the personalities of these two little ones. So without further ado, let me tell you about my two little gardeners.

Saturday, the Hildebrand's were over. And, as always, the kids were off playing. Once, when I went to check on them, they were using Sara Kate's play garden equipment to dig in my mulch along the front sidewalk of the house. Obviously, I redirected them explaining that I wasn't a big fan of holes in my mulch. So off they went to find bigger and better things to do. And, that's exactly what they did. Instead they went to the back yard to dig holes in the mulch....because nothing says obedience like moving to a different location to continue the mischief. Anyway, I digress.

A little while later, Brad came to inform me that the kids were planting gumballs. When we went out to check on them, sure enough, Ella & Sara Kate were very meticulously digging holes with the spade, carefully depositing one shiny gumball, covering said gumball with mulch, and finishing off the task by watering them. Apparently, they had been at it for quite some time; and they were playing so well and quietly. It's funny how quiet those two can get when their up to no good. But, we found it so funny that all we could do was take pictures and give them just a few more gumballs to plant.

When I went outside to get a few shots at the scene of the crime, I asked the girls what they were planting, halfway thinking that they were pretending that they were really planting seeds. But, no, not those two.

They promptly replied, "Gumballs."

Naturally, I followed up, "So, what do you think is going to grow?"

"A gumball tree." The girls emphatically explained....which makes me wonder if they thought I was a little on the dumb side for asking such a stupid question.

To which, big brother Bryce promptly and rather sarcastically replied, "Not if you don't water it."

I so wish I had done a video of that conversation. It was truly priceless. I don't know what is more funny: The fact that the girls thought they were planting gumballs that would really sprout into gumball trees, or the fact that Bryce knew it wouldn't grow unless it was watered.

Both Ella and Sara Kate have personalities to beat the band. They are their own little people, following no one. We constantly joke that Sara Kate is walking through life "starring" in her own little musical. And she operates under the assumption that rules are only suggestions, and they are really meant for everyone but her anyway. While Ella is the mischievous dare devil, that at times, makes her mother thank the good Lord she is so darn cute......and she is So. Darn. Cute!! Did I put that accurately Tammy? But, together they are the 1-2 combination of "too cute for words" and "holy cow, what are they up to now."

Anyhow, I thought you'd enjoy some pictures of the little gardeners slaving away over their gumball trees.

By the way, the real crime was that we had no clue that they even had the gumballs, which I find just as funny as the fact that they were planting them. I have no idea how many they planted, but I'd give anything to make a little something grow for them.........maybe they were planting their imaginations!!

As a quick side note, their older siblings were watching all of this take place from the screened in porch, happily coloring some pictures together. And, because they were born 7 weeks apart and because they are now 6 years old, that alone just about makes my heart explode with happiness.


The Wild World of Richmond said...

Your kids are all toooooo cute. I know they make your heart happy all the time.
I missed seeing you this weekend at the fall festival. I know you guys had big things on your plate. If I had the sense to get myself together, I would've been over there helping you guys. I could never remember to give you that darn $$$ and then it was too late. I probably should have helped anyway. I promise to do better next time. The Richmond's have had quite the crazy life lately. We need to get our act together. See ya' tonight.

DeLynn said...

So, so cute. :)

Tammy said...

yep, you got it very glad she's cute! :) little messes, how can you ever stay mad at them?? love the pictures, they are pretty stinkin cute!

Bridenstine3 said...

That's a cute moment!

Anonymous said...

I'm anxiously awaiting the first gum ball, since Sara Kate promised I could have the first orange one. Way to go girls, Granda is proud of you, I can tell you are going to have a bumper crop, because you did such a great job.

Love ya

Don't forget to keep them watered.

Cyndi Lou said...

That is GREAT! Cute, cute, cute!! Those 2 are a big 'ol heapin' mess!! And, I love them to pieces!!

Love you,


Paul & Shelley said...

Let me know if that works, I've got the perfect spot for a Snickers tree.

Love ya,