Monday, April 13, 2009

The Misadventures of the Farmer Family

It has been an eventful month at the Farmer Household. Not that it is ever really calm or anything, but this past month has been a doozy.

It started with Bryce loosing two front teeth at once. I had known that one front tooth was loose and would be coming out soon. But, Bryce somehow managed to have both front teeth "pulled" out at once. He and his cousin were playing and he had something like a towel in his mouth pretending to be an animal. My niece, tugged on whatever was in his mouth and out popped both teeth. Thankfully, I wasn't there to witness this; but, my sister and parents said that he didn't miss a beat. Apparently, it didn't hurt a bit....maybe that second tooth was loose too. Who knows, but anyway, there is now a big, gaping hole in his smile; which (I must say) makes it about the cutest smile you've ever seen. See for yourself. In this particular picture, I think he is really trying to showcase his missing teeth because that's not his normal smile.
Then, we had parent observation again in Sara Kate's ballet class. It was really fun to watch and they have been learning their dance for the upcoming recital.

That very next day, Sara Kate decided to swallow a Stainless Steel ball. It was one of the balls that come in the Magnetix sets. She was already in her PJs, laying in the bed. I didn't even know she had it at all until she started choking and coughing. Once it was down, she had gagged so much that she threw up and it freaked me out because there was a lot of blood in it. So, off we went to the ER. A metal ball shows up wonderfully on an xray, and it was determined that it was down below her stomach and it would have to make a 'natural exit'. I so wish I could have gotten a copy of that xray to post. It was really cool. So cool, in fact that we had to really 'talk' and convince Sara Kate not to ever put anything except food in her mouth again. The doctor said that if it had been bigger, we could have been in serious trouble because it could have gotten stuck somewhere and obstructed her airway. So, we are very thankful, once again, for God's protection over her. This child is going to be the death of me.

The following week, Bryce went on the last field trip of his kindergarten year. The entire Kindergarten went to the zoo and then to the Riverpark for a picnic.

As if all that wasn't enough excitement, the very next day, while I was at ballet with Sara Kate, the school called and told Brad that Bryce had fallen on the playground and gashed his head open. Sure enough, we took him to the doctor and he received his first set of stitches. Honestly, I'm really surprised that we've made it this long, as he is almost seven and is wild as a buck. But, he was a complete trooper and did not even cry during the stitches. And, for that, a mother is thankful. They had some sort of deadening liquid that I held on his head for about 15 minutes before the lidocaine shots. When it was time to deaden it with the lidocaine, he said ouch at each stick, but that was about all. This mom would like to go give the creator/inventor of said miracle liquid a big fat, sloppy kiss right now, so it's a good thing, they're an anonymous soul. Here is his cut after they got it all cleaned up.

That same night they both had their first T Ball game of the season. And, if you're wondering, I did ask the doctor if he could still play. Bryce has played for several years now, but this is Sara Kate's first year. She is nothing if not cute. However, she is more the dancy, prancy, fancy kind of girl and it appears that she doesn't posses the natural athletic ability that her brother has. It took her several, several, several tries to even hit it off of the tee (but in her defense, almost all of our practices were rained out). Her brother on the other hand, did not have to use a tee at all last year. He's a natural, if I do say so myself.

All of this happened, in the first two weeks of April. We still have an Easter post to share, but I'm just a little weary from ALL THE CRAZY!! Hopefully, coming soon, I'll share with you our wonderful Easter.