Friday, March 7, 2008

Fun Fact Friday

Hey out there!!

I've been waiting for a full week to bring my little fact to you today. It was all I could do not to post it sooner, because, by my estimation I have us some information that is both factual and fun. In fact, if we were to compare the two, we would be hard pressed to decide which attribute or requirement were more true. It is very factual, but holy cow, I could have myself a lot of fun with this one.

I stumbled on this tid-bit last week while reading Big Mama's Fashion Friday post; which, by the way, I think is very fun. Anyhow, she introduced me to a company that has darling jewelry (and other things) at fabulous prices. And, when I say fabulous, I truly mean fabulous. It seems to me, that these prices are better than the prices at Jewelry and Handbag Warehouse. The only thing that would make me think otherwise would be that we'll have to pay shipping on our orders, but even that's not bad considering the J & H Warehouse is a good 45 minutes from where I live and gas and taxes would probably be comparable to shipping anyhow.

So, check out Sam Moon. I mean look at this, and this, and this. Is that fabulous or what?

Now, most of ya'll who know me, know that I'm not a huge accessory person. I've always wanted to be, and I like the way accessories really finish off an outfit. But, I've either been to cheap to buy the stuff, or in too much of a hurry while dressing to find everything and put it on. But, with prices like Sam Moon offers, I could eliminate at least one deterrent. I'll just have to find a new love for my alarm clock to remedy the other.

I haven't ordered anything yet, but I've got my eyes on some things, and I want to kind of look at the stuff in my closet to order the fewest things to match the most clothes (I'm cheap, cheap, cheap). And, can I also mention that I think some of these pieces would make great, inexpensive gifts. I know, I would have a smile on my face if someone were to give me something from there. (Brad are you listening? -- ) Oh, how I kid!!

Hope you have fun with it! Happy Friday everybody!


Scooter said...

Okay, I have to quote my favorite fashionista Stacy London would say "shut up!" Those are some fab finds. I am going to be looking through my closet, too, to she what I can match up. What a fun fact, indeed!

Angie McGhee

Brittany said...

I am floored. These prices are amazing. Thanks for sharing!