Friday, February 1, 2008

Fun Fact Friday

It's Friday, so it's time for our Fun Fact. I know ya'll have been anticipating this moment for a whole week now, so without further ado, here it is. And, just because ya'll have been waiting so long, I'm going to throw in a bonus for you. I know, I know, what a happy day!! (I do hope you're reading this with the appropriate amount of sarcasm)

#1- Ya'll probably know that I participate in a children's consignment sale twice a year. Well, it's that time of year again, so its coming up. If you want the information, you can find it here . One word (scratch paragraph) of disclaimer: sometimes the sale is really good, sometimes not so much. It's kind of like shopping for antiques, you just have to go and see whats there. And, here are a few tips I've learned along the way. First, if you consign you get to shop before it opens to the public, this has proven to be helpful because the first day is CRAZY. I haven't decided if I'm consigning this year or not. But, to give you an idea I would usually make around $100 (I only sale Bryce's because I'm saving Sara Kate's for Malley) which would just be used to offset my purchases. Second, whenever you go, its best to take a laundry basket or something to help carry your selections. Third, it seems that the selection and quality is better the smaller size needed. I've found that it doesn't seem like there is as good of a selection for older kids sizes. That is especially true for BOYS. In fact, the older my kids get the more likely I will stop shopping at the sale. Fourth, you really need to inspect the clothes. Lets face it, they are used. I've found some great deals and good clothes, but I've also gotten home and found some flaws too. It usually is still worth it because I pay so little for the clothes, that even if I use them for play clothes it pays off. You don't need brand new clothes to go out, play in, and get dirty. Also, if its play clothes you need/want, you might want to consider waiting until the last day when almost everything goes half price. Sometimes, I go back on the last day just to get play clothes. So there it is, I'm not sure how much Fun this Fact was, but maybe this time it will serve as practical or useful.

#2- Again, maybe not so fun, but some would consider it a lifesaver. Here goes: A friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, told me about this wonderful product. This wonderful, life saving product. It is for all of the "Sweaters" in the world.....and I don't mean the fashionable knit or wool article of clothing.....I mean those of us who sweat like, well, A LOT! If you're like me, it's an issue of the most unfortunate kind. Anyway, for your persnickity pits, I present to you......drumroll please.......Secret Clinical Strength. It is a wonder deodorant if I've ever seen one. As well it should be, 'cause one tube is almost $8, yes I said, $8. I only use it the days that I'm going somewhere due to said exorbitant price. But it does work. This ain't your momma's deodorant, you put it on at night.....don't ask me why, consult the's something about body temperature. But, anyway, it says it will remain even if you shower the next morning. I'll let you be the guinea pig there, 'cause I always apply in the morning. So, if you have the same delicate problem, heres the answer for you.......try it out, and let me know.

Until next time.....


Anonymous said...

I love it. Better than a picture of me!

Steven, Meleia & Libby Bridenstine said...

Neat facts! I can't bring myself to sell the clothes we have of Libby's. I'm never ready when stores want them. I have name brand, clean, pressed clothes (LOTS) each season, but am never ready. People usually end up getting them given to them, but I think I'm am going to try ebay or something. Maybe Maddie can help me, since she's an Ebay pro!