Thursday, February 28, 2008


I have been following several bloggers on their trip to Uganda. The idea (which is brilliant) was to send bloggers who have a large audience on a Compassion mission trip. They all went to Uganda together and blogged or posted about the experience. That truly is a stroke of genius. It was almost like you went on a little mission trip yourself without even leaving home. And two of the participants (Boo Mama & Rocks in My Dryer) that went are blog authors that I read a lot, and it turned out that I personally know two others (Randy & Chris Elrod). He was minister of music and helped out with the youth at the church my family attended when I was a child; now they live in Nashville, but they are long time family friends. So, that was fun to get to see them and also, it gave a sense of credibility as well. Anyway, if ya'll have an inkling to, go over and read some of the "Blog Compassion" posts. They are heart wrenching and thought provoking and convicting (in a non-condemning) kind of way. And, suprisingly some of them were quite funny too.

But, in an attempt to be a good steward of what our family has been given, I decided to sponsor a child. Now, please, don't start thinking that I'm blowing my own horn here, because I'm totally not. I could give you a list of my failures and shortcomings a mile long, and the first one would be always worrying what people think about me. So, you should know that I thought about not doing this post at all, because I can't stand the thought of someone thinking that I'm being self righteous. But, I got over it quickly; because, the fact is, there are kids across the world; no, make that ALL over the world who need us. That's right, Us the ones who dwell in the land of plenty. And, if reading all the "blog compassion" posts helped me to realize it, then, maybe, just maybe, reading them will speak to you too.

Quite frankly, I could almost kick myself for not blogging about it during the actual trip itself, because it truly was cool to get to go along with them. But, I'm slow folks, and I didn't decide to sponsor a child until the trip was over. But, that's the cool thing about blogs, you can still read all of the posts. And, it was so neat to see all the different ways the same message was presented. I don't remember how many people went on the trip, but there were stay at home moms, working moms, christian music artists, writers, photographers, worship leaders, etc. A few of them actually got to meet the specific child they had been sponsoring. Towards the end of the trip the entire group had communion on the Nile River. What an experience that must have been.

Anyway, I would like to introduce Ken, the 14 year old we just sponsored. He lives with his mom and five siblings in Uganda in an area that is highly infected with HIV/AIDS. At times, his family finds work farming. I so wish I could show you his picture, and maybe I will in the future, if I can make my scanner work. I chose him because he is older and I figured, an older child has less time and the need is a little more eminent.

My parents taught me a valuable lesson growing up. They said, "You can't out-give God." I've seen it first hand, personally growing up through the life of my parents. I know that statement is true just like I know that the law of gravity is true. I know, that somehow, the blessing will be mine. And, if God can take 5 loaves and 2 fishes and feed 5000, just think what He can do - no, just look at what He is doing with $32/month for all these kids, all over the world. If you can spare it, join me!!


The James Gang said...

Our church youth group(of which Keith and I are Directors) sponsors a girl from Ethiopia. Our kids are so excited. I hope your blog will encourage someone to give/receive this blessing. If not able to personally, encourage your church groups to participate. You'll be surprised at how 'into' it the kids can get and how much they will enjoy reading the letters and seeing the pictures.

Tammy said...

What a great idea! BTW I love your new look! On a separate note, Eric asked me in his sleep last night if I figured out the word scramble! :)

Randy said...


It was so great to hear from you! Your blog is awesome. I must admit your post made me feel a little ancient. I folowed your links and found Scott, your sis and your Mom and Dad. Everyone looks GREAT!

I have linked you on my blog. I would be honored if you would link me right there with BooMama and Rocks In My dryer!

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We are Tim & Chelle said...

Cool stuff! I've been following a separate blog to Uganda! I wonder if they are "related"! How cool!