Friday, February 8, 2008

Fun Fact Friday

Ya'll, what in the world was I thinking??? I can't come up with a new Fun Fact every week. Oh the stress and pressure I've placed willingly on my shoulders. Since I pretty much 'got' nothing,....... because really ya'll I'm not that much fun afterall, I thought I would share with you the fun blogs I read when I get a chance. So here goes.

There are three blogs that I came across from the comments on Beth Moore's blog, that I try to read weekly. All three of them are regular moms, but they've kind of made a name for themselves in the blogging world. Probably because they're funny, or at least I think so, but a few of them do fun giveaways and idea sharing posts from time to time; and I always think it is fun to read the ideas (about anything and everything) that work for other moms. So, if you find yourself with a few minutes of down time, head on over too:




The Rocksinmydryer site hosts Works for me Wednesdays which is an interesting read. I never have the time or patience to sit and read each link, but there are some neat ideas out there from other moms. And it's easy to pick and choose what you want to read. She also does a lot of giveaways, which is designed to bring traffic to other blogs used for business.

I like the boomama site because she just has a fun sense of humor. Its kind of like a blog about has a strange resemblance to a Seinfeld episode.

The bigmama site is just a fun read also. She is a stay at home mom, and blogs about family life.

So there you go folks......thats all I have. Maybe next week I'll have some Fabulous Fact that will make up for the lack luster one you just read.

Until next time