Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It just can't wait.....

OK Folks, I am so excited; and after you read this post, the old addage, "it's just the small things" will never ring more true. But, I am so excited that I'm doing my Fun Fact early this week, because I have myself a fact that is too important to follow the normal rules and 'day of the week' stipulations. This fact, my friend, truly follows the almanac definition of useful; because I know who my friends are, and better yet, I know who my friend's children are.....and I'd be willing to bet, you just might find this little fact handy!!!

The Fact Is: Your handy-dandy fingernail polish remover (good 'ole acetone) WILL, in fact, remove ink from a silver SHARPIE off of your (relatively new) FLAT SCREEN computer monitor. That's right folks, the Sharpie, she ain't so permanent after all.

This Fun Fact was brought to you today direct from Sara Kate, the menace to all that is good and orderly. Despite, repeated instructions to the contrary....did I mention REPEATED instructions to the contrary, she decided to 'color' on the computer monitor with a SILVER Sharpie. Never mind, that because of her 'artistic flair' we bought her an art easle for her birthday that has a chalkboard, dry erase board, and the ability to clip paper to either side. Did you hear that people? She has 3 different possibilities with which to express herself to her obedient delight, not to mention that she has paint, crayons, colored pencils and markers at her disposal. But, no, she chooses to get the silver sharpie off of mommy's desk and go to town on the monitor. The only thing to say about that is, "Bless her heart!"

Anyway, special thanks must be made to my new friends at Wikipedia for being thorough in their information about what will remove the permanent ink. And, many shout-outs go to the makers of Finger Nail Polish Remover world wide. With out you, I'd have to read every email through......a silver lining.

But, since I mentioned it, there actually is a silver lining to this post. It is that I now know what might actually take the Blue Sharpie stains off of my kitchen table that were put there by the same culprit many months ago. Yes, folks, this was not her first attempt with the Sharpie medium. Apparently, my stern discussion about what can and can not be drawn on were not taken to heart. Anyway, I must go now, and test my theory.

It's a good thing she's cute!!!

I posted this picture to remind myself, that just because she looks like an angel, doesn't mean she acts like one!!!


Jess said...

Great new look!
And great new fun fact. I'll have to enlighten my sister with that one. :) I guess your sweet little 'angel' of a girl just decided you needed a little silver lining. :) Don't we all!


The James Gang said...

I love the new look! I appreciate the pointer. I have not had the opportunity to enjoy the many uses of nail polish remover (yet), but Mr. Magic Eraser and I have a long lasting relationship thanks to my little graffiti artist.


We are Tim & Chelle said...

Great fun fact, and great template!!! I had looked at that very one (what good taste you have)! I couldn't figure out how to change it over ~ kuddos to YOU!!!

Sara Kate is such a sweetie!!!

Terri said...
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Terri said...

Hey, if you figure out what would take ball point ink out of a distressed leather sofa, let me know. Bird is quite the Picasso himself. Our ottoman, sofa, and love seat were all touched by his masterful hand. Maybe we could get he and SK together to create some masterpiece that would make us enough money to pay for their college.

Gramma Sheryl said...

Papa Tom and I don't see how our little precious could have possible done anything wrong.
The picture is great, I have printed it out 1 for my office and 1 for Papa Tom.
Hope to see you soon, I will be in Toccoa this week-end.

Love to all,

Jimmy said...

You are too stinkin funny. I love Shana and miss her dearly! I hope to make it on Saturday so I can see you!


Anonymous said...

I don't see what the problem is. Just think if Sara Kate
didn't try all these different things, you wouldn't have all this wealth of information to pass along.

I want mention any names but, seems like we had a budding artist who was determined to paint a mural on every wall in the house until her Dad introduced her to a sponge and a can of comet. That wasn't the end of her obsession, she decided a pencil wouldn't do a must harm and often would sign them with her favorite phrase "Jesus loves you."

Love ya,

Tammy said...

Oh good, I'm heading to get the fingernail polish remover right now! :)