Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine's Banquet

On Valentine's Day, our church sponsored a banquet. The idea was to have ladies "host" a table. As a host, you were responsible for having your table filled with guests, decorating your table, and helping to serve your table guests. The dinner was catered and the entertainment of the evening was Nichol Sponberg who was formerly with the group Selah. She and her husband shared the coolest story of how they met. She (and her family) were performing at Moody Bible Institute where He (Greg) was completing his Masters. He somehow met her dad and also got to meet her for like 5 minutes. Later that week, he actually emailed her dad to ask for her contact information. Long story short, they began corresponding, met and eloped in something like 10 weeks. Wow!! That story really appealed to the "hopeless romantic" side of me. So, that was fun to hear and her music was incredible!! I really loved Resurrection, check it out if you haven't heard it. Anyway, it was a really fun event. One that will hopefully become an annual occasion.

Now, I'm no decorator, but I have fun trying ...and I have some creative friends that can take my ideas (read nonsense) and make sense out of them decoratively and/or creatively. Plus, Brad & I have been married for almost 8 years, and I have never used my fine china; so I was happy to have an excuse to get to use it. My table didn't really have a theme. I used silver table accents because my china has a platinum edge and I had a big, white cross in the center of the table. I also made Almond Joy Balls for favors. I won't go into depths describing it, because you will be able to see it for yourself, right here.

The cross that is in the centerpiece was something that I purchased as a decoration for my home when we moved in this past April. When I saw it at TJ Maxx,(don't you love the Maxx) I was drawn to it, I just really thought it was pretty, and when I turned it over to see how much......BONUS. It was on clearance. It was like $5. And, it has come to be very special to me because I also used it for the first Tres Dias weekend that I worked. Tres Dias is a great ministry that I'm involved with. If this piques your interest, please email me or comment, I would love to tell you about it. Maybe I'll have to post about it next.....oooh, do I feel a Fun Fact Friday coming on????

Anyway, here is my friend, Tammy's. She had a theme, which was a stroke of genius. Her centerpiece was gift wrapped packages. And the verse, was from James 1:17, "Every good and perfect gift is from above." She had handmade some goodies too, and the gift boxes had that verse stamped on it. Very clever!!

Here are a couple of other tables that friends hosted. They are gorgeous! It was really fun to see all the tables and how they were so different, and all so pretty.

And now a little business..... please, let me apologize for the absence that was Fun Fact Friday. Thursday night after the lovely banquet you just read about, and in the middle of a lovely REM cycle, Sara Kate woke up with a fever. So, she joined us in our bed, and we medicated, and then....she promptly threw up; which for some reason got her in to a talkative state and we had to turn on Noggin at 5 am. So, on Friday morning I had to get Bryce off to school, wash 8 place settings of my china and make an appointment for Katie-Bell. The Diagnosis? Strep. But, we must have caught it kind of early and the antibiotics worked quickly. But, needless to say I was busy. So, my Fun Fact is again, not-so-fun. But, it must live up to at least one requirement, and Strep is not Fun and That's a Fact. However, in the interest of equality; amoxicillin is the berries!!

Ya'll have a Fabulous week!!


Jess said...

How fun!
I love how your table turned out... so elegant, yet warm and inviting! WOW. Nichol Sponberg. She is amazing. I love "Resurrection", too. Very powerful. I could only imagine it live and in person.
Glad you had a good turnout and a good time... and so glad that your little Katie-Bell is feeling better.


Steven, Meleia & Libby Bridenstine said...

Your table looked great! I bet it was so fun.

Tammy said...

That table was all you! So, take credit for it! :) It looked great!