Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Friends are Fun!!

The past two weekends the kids have had friends over. Let me just tell you, kids are hilarious; they are so open and honest, and they are soooo creative. I love to watch and listen to them play. I honestly enjoy it as much as the kids do when we have 'extras'. Anyway, (I'm trying to keep this one brief) here are a few pictures of the kids in action.

Here Sara Kate, Libby (from across the street) & I are having a tea party with story time included. We were reading, "If you give a mouse a cookie". They both thought it was hilarious, and would laugh with each page turn. Talk about an ego boost, I felt like Jay Leno.

As you can tell, there are serious tea party discussions going on here.

Maddie & Ella got to spend the night Friday night. We all had a blast. We had home made pizza, which was a huge hit; and we made chocolate chip cookies. Maddie declared that they were "the best cookies she'd ever had," which, again made me smile considering her mother makes the most delicious chocolate chip cookies out of grain she mills herself....they are melt in your mouth to die for, and ours (that they helped with) were from a Betty Crocker mix. Hilarious! I think she must have been complimenting the well she should have. ;)

This picture is of the younger ones just chillin'. Darn they're cute!

I thought this next picture (below) was hilarious. All the girls had all this frilly dress up stuff on, and I guess Bryce decided he wanted to dress up too. When they came downstairs as Spiderman & BatWoman, I laughed out loud. You see, when the kids were itty bitty I would always freak out because we'd be at Maddie's house and Bryce would come in wearing a "glass" slipper or some fancy hat. Well, as you can see you can ....... "FUUGGGHET ABOUT IT" as far as Bryce is concerned. No more girly stuff for him. After they morphed into super heros they went around the house "saving" people. Who knew all the tragedies there are out there. We all felt safe & secure with the Heros of the House.

Just look how absolutely cute Maddie looks........she's gonna "kill 'em with kindness." And if you're wondering about Bryce's hands, they are "shooting a web"

Here the kids are having hot chocolate after they were outside in the freezing cold, jumping on the trampoline.

Thanks for sharing your kids with us, mine had a blast!!


We are Tim & Chelle said...

You're such a good mommy!!!! Ahhhh, what well balanced children you have ~ from frilly tea parties, to trampolines, to superheros, to bakers!!!! You rock!!!! Whewwww, I'm lucky if we get our teeth brushed!!!! :)


Tammy Hildebrand said...

Now those are some cute kids! Maddie and Ella had sooo much fun. Thanks for letting them join in on the fun!

Jess said...

How fun!
I'll have to tell my sister about this one... her little 2.5 year old boy is ALWAYS following his 5 year old sissy around with glass slippers and hair bows... pink cowboy boots, you name it! It's so hilarious (although his father doesn't think so). :)


The Wild World of Richmond said...

Okay, I love this post. I did have to search through a ton of posts about "Bryce" to find it. You've documented a bunch of memories girl. Those are the exact same costumes we have. By the way, I knew he was shooting a web and ahem...not something else. Why? Because I HAVE TWO BOYS!!!! You seriously need to get SK a pink cape!!!