Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Legacy

As many of you know, Brad's grandmother, Louise Hitt died on December 15th, 2007. She was 94 and an amazing woman. She was pretty remarkable in many ways. When Brad & I first met in 1996, she had just retired, having worked well into her 80s. She was a very active lady continuing to drive and be involved in her community's senior center, and at her church. And, boy could she cook. Our favorite (or at least mine) was her macaroni and cheese. I still use her recipe. Her mind was very sharp too, often times when we would go visit, she would have a jigsaw puzzle out on the dining room table or an old laptop set up so that she could play solitaire.

I loved all of those things about her, but what I loved most was the legacy that she left for us. Faith was very important to Grandma, and Brad has said that he feels that he came to know Christ, in part, because of the prayers he knew she was praying for him. He still has the bible that she gave him. And moreso, she had a direct role in Bryce asking Jesus into his heart too. You see, he had begun to be interested in the late fall; and two of his best friends were baptized in early December; which also generated interest. But at that same time Grandma's health had begun to decline. A week or so before she died she was hospitalized. When that happened we started talking to Bryce about Grandma; and the fact that she was very sick and that she may go to live with Jesus very soon. We told him that it was okay, and that if you have Jesus in your heart you get to live with HIM in Heaven. We told him that she would be healthy again and have a brand new body.

Grandma past away about an hour or two after her entire family (children and grandchildren)had all left from a visit with her. In fact, the very last thing Brad did when he left was pray with her. But, on the way home we got the call. That night, when we were having our devotions, Bryce said that he wanted to ask Jesus in his heart because he wanted to go to heaven. So, Brad prayed with him and he asked Jesus into his heart. I will be forever grateful for the legacy Grandma Louise left to her family, and for the role she played in her great grandson's salvation. The very day that she left to go live with Jesus, Bryce secured his place in Heaven as well.

Here is Grandma Louise holding Bryce when he was a newborn.


We are Tim & Chelle said...

Hooray for Godly heritages!

Anonymous said...

What a great picture of Grandma, she was a beautiful woman both inside and out.


Tammy Hildebrand said...

I am sooo glad that Maddie and Bryce's children will have such a wonderful legacy! :)