Monday, December 31, 2007

A New Year's Prayer for Me & You

Dear Jesus,

Thank you for the many blessings that you have given us this past year. May we always remember to be grateful for them. Thank you for always remaining faithful to us. May we never forget the hope and promise we have because of your faithfulness. Father, thank you for grace and mercy that we can come to you again, and ask more of you when we deserve nothing. Jesus, would you continue to grant us blessings in the year to come. Would you grant us health, and give us the desire to serve you with our healthy bodies. Would you grant us financial peace so that we can bless you and others with generosity. Would you grant us happiness so that we may be contagious with our love for you. And, in our individual area of short-comings, would you grant us strength and courage to change and be more like you so that others will want to know you.

We're forever grateful for what you've already done for us, and we're eternally thankful for what you're going to do.



We are Tim & Chelle said...

Hear, Hear!!!! Great prayer! Can't wait to see what the Father has in store for the Farmer's in '08!