Saturday, December 1, 2007

What Farmers do in the Fall

Many people probably think that Farmers are plowing and preparing their fields for the spring planting season, but not us........the Farmers you know and love have been knee deep in soccer and gymnastics this Fall. Luckily, our livelihood doesn't depend on what we grow. But, if you really think about it, we're sowing some seeds aren't we?

First, we had Bryce's first season of soccer. It was a lot of fun. We loved our small little team, and our coaches (especially since Brad was one of them) and we had a great time. Bryce loved it, and as an extra bonus, seemed to have some skill or ability. I learned that I turn in to a crazy person when my son scores a goal. I don't care, there are worse things in the world; but I can see off in the not so distant future Bryce asking me to tone it down some. Oh well, I better go crazy while I can. You know, on a side note isn't it cool to think of God cheering for us when we make a "spiritual" goal. You can bet I'll never ask him to tone it down, I need all the cheering I can get. Anyway, enjoy a few pictures of our soccer experience.
On a funny note, Bryce's coach was also the sponsor of his team, and He just happens to be a gynecologist. So, Bryce's jersey had "Associates in Obstetrics & Gynecology" written very prominently on the front. That just strikes me as a little humorous. I'm sure he'll love looking back at these pictures one day and thinking, "what the heck?" I sure hope I'm around.

Sara Kate cracked me up all season, she just naturally assumed that she was on the team, and it was quite the workout to keep her off the field during games and practice. I was very relieved when her "Mommy & Me" gymnastics class started. I must say, unashamedly, that she was too
cute for words, and I can even prove it to you. Take one look at these pictures and try to argue with me.....or don't (my dad would say that I would argue with a sign post and I might add that I'll do my best to win.) Anyway, check out our budding gymnast.

I told you she was cute. She loved it too!! I can see her doing this more as she gets older. Somehow her personality just seems to fit rolly, rumbly, tumbly more than graceful ballerina. We'll see I guess.

OK- My fun fact of the day, is not so fun! And, quite frankly I'm not sure how useful or practical it is either; but a fact is a fact, and it's worth stating....if nothing else for my sanity only.

So here it is: WAITING STINKS! So, if you find yourself smack dab in the middle of waiting for something, especially something you really long for; then rest assured it's not you your smelling it's the wait. :) Don't you feel better now?

I say all that because I know first hand. We are waiting right now. Not only are we waiting, but we are longing; and that makes it even worse. We have been waiting for the referral for our little girl for almost a year now (Feb 9 will be a year) and it seems like we may have at least one more year and possibly more to continue waiting. So, ya'll please pray for us. Pray that the wait time will decrease and pray for patience for our family. Pray that God would give us wisdom and peace. Just pray. But just so you don't forget, I'll say it again, waiting stinks!


We are Tim & Chelle said...

Hey Shana!
Bryce and Sara Kate are tooooo cute in their "extracurricular activities"!! I know that makes a mommy's heart proud!

I hear ya about waiting! I feel bad even mentioning it, though, since we've only been "officially" waiting 5 months and 6 days, compared to your ONE YEAR! YIKES! I just have to trust that the wait is necessary for us to get connected with just the right child! So many emotions in the wait time, though!

I've found being a part of an online adoption forum has really helped me. I have learned SOOOOO much from it, and it's nice to have the support of folks that are walking the same walk.....

I pray you all will have tremendous peace in the rest of your "waiting room" experience!

Love ya!