Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

OK, OK, I've already admitted that I'm behind. But, as stated in my first post, I wanted to catch up on Fall first. I think I'm finally ready to move on now; I would've hated for ya'll to miss those cute soccer and gymnastics pictures. Anyway, we started decorating sometime the week after Thanksgiving and Sara Kate's birthday. The decorating was kind of a gradual process, since we're in a new home this year we (or I) was kind of lost for a couple of days trying to figure out what to put where. My poor husband moved the tree at least 3 times; and by moving the tree I mean the tree and ALL of the living room furniture. (Thanks Brad) But, we finally got it where we (I) wanted it. And, it's kind of a bonus, because we can see the tree from the living room and from the kitchen; so it's been a joy to have out and all lit up. The kids enjoyed decorating it, and it was fun to explain where all the ornaments came from since both Brad & I have some from our childhoods. Here are some pictures of the kids getting in on the decorating.

I decided to take some pictures from the outside too, since a lot of my friends and family don't live near us; and many haven't seen our home.

Above you have daylight..........Below you have dark..........

And now for my almanac entry.....

FUN FACT #4: Advent wreath and advent devotions are a great benefit to family time.

Let me give you a little background here. Our children's minister at church did one of the coolest Christmas activities for families that I've ever seen. All of the families that participated got together one Sunday night for a soup & sandwich supper and family craft time. The craft was for each family to make an advent wreath. She had little kits with the foam wreath base, garland, candles, candle holders, and wire. She gave us directions on what to do, and we all set out to make our wreaths together. The kids also got little Christmas goody bags, with stickers and all that fun stuff. Before we left, she passed out a devotion booklet that was made from devotions that she asked each family to write. So now, as we are anticipating the celebration of our savior's birth, we are learning all about advent and what it means to wait! The kids absolutely love lighting the candles. I light a birthday cake candle that they hold and use to light the advent candles. They look forward to lighting them and then blowing them out each night at the end of our prayer time. It is a GREAT way to keep the real meaning of the season in the forefront of our hearts and minds. And, I can brag on it all I want to because unfortunately, it was not my brilliant idea :) Here is a picture of our 'home-made' advent wreath. If I had half a brain, I would have taken some pictures of us making it.


Tammy Hildebrand said...

Now if you will notice, your tree ended up where I suggested you put it to start with! :) I won't tell Brad. Ha Ha

We are Tim & Chelle said...

LOVE, love the Advent wreath idea! What a cool tradition! I just might have to copy that next year! Thanks for sharing!