Saturday, December 22, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes.....

Ok everybody, I just had to share this. It's just too cute not to tell it, and if it serves no other purpose, it will be documented for my feeble memory's sake. So, I apologize ahead of time, because here is another post with no picture....but enjoy the story, I think its worth it.

So, we were having our advent devotions tonight, and at the end we go around the table and ask the kids what they want to talk about. We spend a few minutes talking about whatever the subject is (we've run the gamut from forgiveness to fire safety) and then we take turns praying. Tonight both kids wanted to talk about loving each other (yes, miracles do happen). So, we spent a few minutes asking and telling the kids how they show us that they love us, and how we show them that we love them. That in itself was worth the price of admission, but that is not why I'm writing.

I just love to hear the kids pray. They each have their own little special ways and particular cadence. Tonight both of their prayers were just really sweet and special, and I just thought ya'll might enjoy them.

Probably like most kids, Bryce learned to pray by telling Jesus thank you. You know...."Dear Lord, thank you for this or thank you for that," etc. In a way, I hope it never changes, because now when he has a request, he still prefaces the request with, "Dear Lord, thank you for.....please......". Do you get it? It's like he is saying, thank you in advance for what I'm asking you to do. I just LOVE That. I know he is not saying it like that on purpose, and that is the way he has always prayed; but every time I hear him do it, it reminds me that when I go to God, it should be "in everything with prayer and thanksgiving, present your requests to God" and we should have the faith to believe God for answers. So tonight he was praying for his daddy (and the rest of us really) because he (and all of us) have had a cough. So somewhere in the middle of the prayer was, "......and thank you for daddy not to cough anymore and thank you for that we will all feel better." I love it!! And, I'm thankful that God can use our children to remind us of things about him.

Bryce also uses thankfulness in the correct sense in prayer, and tonight he was just so sweet and innocent in his prayer. Again, somewhere in the middle of his prayer was ".........and thank you that Grandma Louise lives with you in heaven and that she feels all better now" Brad's grandmother past away a week ago today, so we've been talking a lot about heaven. I plan to do a post about her soon, so keep watching for it. She was a special lady.

Sara Kate is also a sweet pray-er. There is just something about listening to a three year old talk to Jesus, that just melts you. But, I'm glad God created laughter and has a sense of humor because she is hilarious....especially when she prays. I think I mentioned in my "12 Random Christmas Thoughts" post that we've been teaching Bryce & Sara Kate the Christmas favorite, "The 12 Days of Christmas". We've sang it more times than I care to admit, we've sang it in the car, we've sang it in the bathtub.....etc., you get the picture, right? So tonight, when it was Sara Kate's turn her prayer when something like this. (No its not verbatim, I wasn't taking shorthand or anything I was praying) But here it is.......

"Dear Lord, thank you for Maddie and Ella ........Bryce close your eyes.....thank you for Cooper's birthday party.........thank you for On the first day of Christmas......four calling birds.....Amen."

OK, so I can't glean any kind of spiritual lesson out of that one, but that is just funny. There were more things mentioned, that I can't remember, but you get the gist of it. And, that's not all...

Those of you who are around Sara Kate often enough can testify that she is either talking, or singing; and if shes not doing either then she's asleep. One wonders where she gets such a trait, but I digress. Anyway, this characteristic is especially true in the car, and quite frankly can drive me to drink, smoke, cuss and chew (I'm working on it). On more than one occasion, she will be in her car seat just chattering or singing away. Sometimes, she will start talking and then her conversation just picks up some sort of random made up tune. At times, this is darling and endearing but most of the time it is just plain annoying; and after a while I can't take it anymore. So, I'll say, "Sara Kate please be quiet." This little scene has played out in the car at least a dozen times (Scott, you can stop laughing now), and almost without fail her reply is, "BUT MOM, I'm talking to Jesus." Now what exactly am I supposed to say to that? So, I'm forced to just sit there in the driver seat and imagine what a little silence must be like. I guess silence is over-rated, because I'd much rather have a little one that knows she can talk (or sing) to Jesus about absolutely anything...or nothing.

Does anyone have any earplugs?


Tammy Hildebrand said...

There is nothing like the prayers of a child! Very cute!

We are Tim & Chelle said...

How they must touch Jesus' heart in a way no one else can!

"....anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it." Luke 18:17

Lord, help me to approach You with an innocence like Bryce and Sara Kate...