Thursday, January 17, 2008

Me & the Mully-grubs.....UPDATE

I just have to let everyone know, that God is blessing my efforts to remain joyful....and Satan is doubling his efforts on me as well, but thats okay because I am more than a conqueror.

Anyway, let me just update you really quickly. I just barely mentioned in my last post that I still hadn't gotten any brown shoes. I've been needing them for a while, and before Christmas I had actually looked several places. But, when Christmas rolled around I was focusing on gifts and the shoes went on the back burner. My current pair of brown shoes (that I super love) are just flat worn out. It's embarassing, but the heel part of the left shoe is completely gone. I really need some brown shoes.

The very same day that I posted that, my neighbor Meleia had gotten her shipment of some shoes that she had ordered. In that shipment was an extra pair of brown shoes. She said that she called the customer service people and told them they had sent an extra pair, but they told her to keep them and share them with someone. When she hung up the phone, she read my blog and saw where it said I needed some brown shoes. So, over she came, and now I have some brown shoes. Check them out. They are kind of a concept of a croc and come like in a small-medium-large sizes (because normally I wouldn't wear the same size as Meleia). They are super cute and comfy.

Call me crazy, but I think that was God trying to bless my effort. Now I'm trying extra hard.

With smiles abundant,


Tammy Hildebrand said...

I'll tell you like Beth Moore said - I don't know where God is going to lead you, but your feet sure are going to look good going! Super cute. Meleia, where did you get these??

Jess said...

Sweet post. I love how He's just as involved in the 'little' stuff as He is the 'big' stuff.

Thanks for introducing yourself ~ looks as though we are kindred spirits of sorts. And, I had to laugh... in even reading your blog summary, you give the definition of 'almanac'... and I am ALWAYS looking up words in the dictionary!

Anyway, nice to meet you. And, maybe we'll get more snow!! :)


We are Tim & Chelle said...

Ohhh my goodness!!! That is just soooo GOD! Always proves to me that He loves us just the same when we are grumpy and when we're "saints". Makes me love Him more!!!! He is sooo good.