Saturday, May 10, 2008

Prayers are answered......and dreams do come true

Hello from Disney World everybody!!

First of all, let me thank all of my friends and family for praying for Mr. Bryce who had come down with an untimely fever the night before we were to leave. Our prayers were answered and God is so good and faithful. I had taken him to the doctor on Thursday (the day we left) and after a negative strep test, she said it was just a virus and it would probably pass soon. Thankfully, she was right. I did have to give him more medicine Thursday night, but we had just driven part of the way and stayed with my sister in Macon.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to y'all and thank you to God for honoring our request. The kids were totally surprised (we had kept the whole thing a secret) and never having been here before, they didn't even know what to expect when they saw where we were. That was really fun! Seeing all the excitement unfold like that bit by bit was great. Not to mention, this was a 'first' for Brad & myself as well, so we were pleasantly surprised too.

Let's see. The first night, we went to the Magic Kingdom and had purchased tickets to the exclusive pirates & princess party. The park closes to the public, and the only people left are the party-goers, which means you don't have the heat AND the crowds to deal with. It was perfect and super, super worth it. The kids dressed up as a pirate and a princess, and they both got their picture made with either Jack Sparrow (Bryce) or the princesses (Sara Kate). It truly was magical....especially at the end, because there was a great fireworks show. Again, if you go, I highly, highly recommend it.

Today, we went swimming at the resort pool for a while. Bryce & Sara Kate both got to go on their first water slide. Bryce LOVED it, Sara Kate...not so much. But, I have cute pictures to show for it, and I'm sure Sara Kate will come around eventually. This afternoon, we went to Epcot. We had a great time checking everything out and taking it all in.

Tomorrow we are going to have two character meals (where you get to meet characters in person) and we are going to the Animal Kingdom. I'll try to post tomorrow too, but we're paying for WIFI here, and you know how Brad is. WIFI is free in the lobby, but the lobby is a small trek from our room, and I don't think Brad will spring for another 24 hours......maybe, we'll see.


The Wild World of Richmond said...

Awwww, ya'll look like you are having so much fun!!! You're gonna have a bunch of memories to scrapbook when you get home...a whole book's worth. I'm so glad ya'll are having a blast. Sara Kate looked just like a princess and looked like she was enjoying every second of it. Bryce looked like he could jump on a ship and steal all the gold in a heartbeat. Stinking fun!!!!(I learned that from you... and I can hear your reply to my post, "true that".


Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...

It looks like you are all 4 having a great time! Praise God that Bryce is feeling better and you all are having a wonderful time!! We can't wait to see more pix! The children look great as a pirate and a princess!! I hope you guys continue to have a 'stinkin good' time!


Tammy said...

Maddie just about fell out in the floor when she saw Sara Kate with Snow White and Sleeping Beauty! We really loved seeing all of your pictures!!! I know you are having a blast - enjoy!!!!

Brittany said...

The picture of Bryce coming down the water slide is priceless. Tell Sara Kate to give Minnie or one of the Disney Princesses a kiss for Ada.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shana looks like yall are a having a great time and Happy Mothers Day


Tamara Chastain said...

It truly is a magical place.