Friday, May 2, 2008

Fun Fact Friday: it's fun just to let them win

I've been told many times regarding parenting, that you should 'pick your battles'. And, over the years I'd say that I have to agree. Sometimes, it's just not worth it. Does it really matter that your daughter shows up to your son's T-Ball practice with her daddy and she's wearing a dress AND pants with some Minnie Mouse sandals that don't match and are too big...........apparently not, because that is a battle that Brad chose not to engage in. Obviously, sometimes you get some funny stuff when you 'let them win'; which, by the way, is what I call it when I choose not to engage in battle. I could pull the "because I'm the mommy" card, but sometimes, I choose not too - when that happens, I'm LETTING them win.

That was the case today. I'm totally letting them win. They have morphed into chefs at a fabulous restaurant, and they are cooking something GREAT. Never mind that they completely stole the strawberries that I was slicing off of the counter. And the grapes? Yep, they're gone too. But it has been hilarious to hear them. I'm over here at the computer pretending to be engrossed in something, and I'm laughing on the inside. Bryce just said, "Sara Kate, why did you pour water in've ruined the recipe." And, they just scolded Gigi (our dog) for swiping some of their masterpiece....... I guess they're learning that you shouldn't cook in the floor. They have several of my pots and pans out, and lots and lots of cooking utensils, and my kitchen now looks like a disaster area. But, they are having a blast. They are getting along and cooking all kinds of things (luckily, they haven't thought to ask me to taste it). Their little imaginations are running wild.

So, the fact is: sometimes it's fun just to let them win. Sometimes the mess is worth it. Enjoy a few shots from The Farmer Culinary Institute.

Here they are cleaning up their mess, like all good chefs do, right? Let's not tell..........

Have a good weekend everybody!!


Tamara Chastain said...

I love a good cook. At least you got them to clean up their mess.

Tammy said...

You know Eric always says we could open a restaurant, maybe we could hire Bryce and Sara Kate! If that is considered letting them win, I would forfeit every time. :) Too cute!

chelle belle said...

You are such a GOOD MOMMY!!!!

I am totally with you here....See, with Callie, the whole mis-matched wardrobe thing would have really disturbed me. With Claire those things were a little less important. Now with Kate, I've got to tell you, I think I'm just having the best time yet being a Mommy. Those little things are seeming to matter less and less..... and it's sure freeing me up to RELAX! I'm lovin' my new found freedom!!!! Yeee hawww! :)

The Wild World of Richmond said...

I agree with Chelle...the first one, even the second-perfect outfit, matching shoes, matching hat or bow, etc. etc. The third and on-we're lucky if we have matching socks, but hey, we're happy and we're having fun.
I agree...let them WIN especially when they are playing so nicely together.

Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...

What a great day in the Farmer kitchen! That is so awesome that they were able to 'cook some recipes' and PLAY TOGETHER NICELY!! That is a feat in and of itself!!

I am with Chelle and Terri, it is nice to relax and let them be kids and to 'free yourself' up, but I must say that I haven't discovered that new found freedom yet!! Maybe, I should go with Chelle's advice and go for #3! LOL!! Maybe THAT'S when I would find it!!

Your chef's are adorable and I am glad you let them win today's battle!!



Nana Elaine said...

Katie and Kyle used to love to "play cook" when they were younger. I had to really watch them though, they would almost use up whole bottles of spices (expensive), mustard, ketchup, eggs, and grapes or strawberries whatever I had.
(Kyle would say "Nana do you have any of those little bitty apples?" It took a while to figure out that was grapes.
The mess was always worth it because they had such fun. Katie really loves to cook now, to it was beneficial.
Love Ya

Klingbeil Family said...

It is so much fun to see what the little ones will 'create' in the kitchen. It is also fun to be a fly on the wall (or at the computer) and just listen to what they say when they think we're not listening. It's the things life are made of - and isn't life grand!!
Love ya,

Tim & Angela Fleming said...

Oh Shana how I miss those days when Katie and Kyle would be imaginative and create their own little masterpiece in my kitchen. I am terrible about not letting my kids make messes, but sometimes you just have to let go and let them win. And as long as they are having fun and not fighting, why not!!

Anonymous said...

Haha! That my friend is awesome. Their wonderful dish looks delish. I bet it tasted wonderful. They're a stinkin mess. :)


Brittany said...

Hilarious as always. Shana, you need to go on the road! I can't wait for those Daddy induced outfits and kiddy culinary.

One time when we were little my sister made a homemade concoction, put dog food in it and served it to my dad. So beware of all things Gigi that could be lurking in every dish.

And lastly, had a lot of fun yesterday. Thanks for getting everyone together and making the trek. I had a great time! All the girls were so adorable and Sara Kate just cracked me up!