Friday, May 16, 2008

A Birthday Tribute to Brad

Today is Brad's birthday (he turned 36), and I couldn't let the day go by without a post to honor him. I thought I would just list, in no specific order, the reasons I love him and the things that make him special.

I suppose the first thing that comes to mind is that Brad is one of the most likable persons I've ever met. It is a quality he shares with my daddy, which now that I think about it is probably, in part, what drew me to him. In fact, he share a lot of qualities with my daddy. Anyway, if you can't get along with or do not like Brad (or my daddy) then something is just plain wrong with you. He is the most patient, laid-back, easy going person I know....and he has a great sense of humor, but not in the draw-attention-to-yourself kind of way.

Another thing that comes to mind is that Brad is everything that I'm not. Seriously, we could not be more different. Some might think that could be a hindrance to a marriage, but we like it that way. At the risk of sounding "Jerry Maguire corny" we really do complete each other. He is what I'm not, and I am what he's not. I've already mentioned that Brad is laid back and easy going......well, if you know me at all, you know I'm not. In fact, I'm the most high strung, wound-tight person I know (okay maybe except for my dear friend Cyndi, but I'm a close second- aren't I Cyndi?). Also, if you know me at all (even if it's just from reading my posts or comments) you know I'm long winded. Brad......not so much. It is a conservative estimate to say that I out talk him 20 words to 1.

Brad is a family man. And as far as I'm concerned there is nothing more attractive or appealing than to see a man who loves his family (be it wife & kids, or parents & siblings, or both) and while I'm at it, there is nothing more unattractive and unappealing to see a man (no matter how gorgeous) that doesn't love his family....and they are out there. If you'll humor me with a small side note: [I am privileged to have a few (very few) middle school/high school readers (my nieces, girls from church) and to you girls I say, don't spend tons of time with a guy who doesn't love his family, no matter what the reason.] Brad is a great husband and a wonderful father who is wholly devoted to his family (all of, the kids, his parents and sister and my family as well) When the "going gets tough" Brad hangs right in there with you. The same thing could/would be said about him by his friends (although don't expect him to call you on the phone.....'cause it ain't gonna happen).

Another quality he shares with my daddy is that of being a protector. I've always felt safe with my daddy, and once I started getting old enough to think about marriage, I knew I wanted someone that would make me feel safe (I actually had a list).......y'all all know that I'm a worry-wort to the nth degree, so I knew that feeling safe was a 'must have'. I've always felt safe with Brad in every circumstance. He has directional sense like nobody else I know, and for someone who can get lost in a paper bag, that's a good thing. He can fix stuff, just like my daddy....and if something stumps him, he's not too proud to ask daddy for help. And, darn it, I love that too. He doesn't have an ounce of pride in his whole body. Along the sames lines, he doesn't feel the need to share his opinions with anyone else. Unlike me, who shares everything that I know and love with everybody; Brad won't give you an opinion unless you ask for it, and even then, you'll have to press him for the particulars. And, it's not that he doesn't have an opinion, because as I've found out many times, he really does, he's just too humble to feel the need to share it with anybody. This is especially true about his faith. His faith is very important to him, but is not something he 'flaunts', it is personal and sacred. Again, this is a quality my daddy has too.

I love that Brad loves the outdoors. I love that he's an Eagle Scout and can build a fire, and tie knots, and cook on open fires in dutch ovens, and hike, and camp. I love that he shares his love of the outdoors with his children, and encourages their love for the outdoors too.

I could go on and on (have I mentioned that I'm long winded) 'cause I still have several things in mind that I haven't written yet, but I won't. He already knows what they are and that's all that matters.

But, I do want to wish you a very wonderful and happy birthday! I love you....and thanks for being you, and for loving me!!

I thought it might be fitting to include some pictures of Brad, doing what he loves with the people that he loves.....enjoy!


chelle belle said...

Awwww! What a sweet tribute to a great man! Happy BDay, Brad!!!!

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Brad!!!!! We kind of like you too, course not as much as Shana cause that would just be wierd! :)

The Wild World of Richmond said...

Happy Birthday to BRAD!!!! Isn't it cool how God matches us up with just who we need. AND for all you teens out there, pay close attention to the "love your family" thing because that IS the coolest of all cool traits to find in a mate.
love you guys,

Tammy Howard said...

Hey! I thought you always said I'm the most laid back person that you know....

Happy Birthday Brad! You definately got a keeper in Brad and we are so glad!

We love both of you,


Sandy said...



Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...

Happy Birthday Brad!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday with your family! You are one of the greatest people I know and I am so honored to call you friend. I absolutely LOVE your wife, too! She's definitely a keeper, for sure!

Love you guys,

Your high strung, wound-tight friend,
Cyndi :)

(You pegged us Shana! :) Oh, and I had a LIST, too!! I cracked up when I read that in your post.)

Erik and Angela Green said...

Brad, you old blabber mouth, happy belated birthday!

PS...Sorry I have to miss the campout, but we're moving in to our new house then. Rain check!

Nancy Suits said...

Happy late birthday Brad!! Shana you are such a sweet person and sounds like you are a wonderful wife as well. I already knew you were a wonderful mother, but wow, you blew me away with this post to your sweet husband!!

MBJones said...

Praying blessings on you and your precious family. Happy late birthday! MB

Steven, Meleia & Libby Bridenstine said...

Happy belated birthday, Brad! What a great tribute! I'd asked if I could just hyperlink it in August for Steven's birthday, but you seeeee......yeah, about the outdoors, not so much the case for us!

Tim & Angela Fleming said...

Shana, thank you for sharing those sweet things about Brad. I am sad to say I don't know him that well so this makes me even more sad. It sounds like he would be a great friend as you have been to me. God blessed you with a great husband and father!! Happy belated birthday, Brad!!!

Brittany said...

What a great tribute to your hubster! I always hear you marry your daddy and opposites attract and it sounds like you did. What a great match!

P.S. I love the getting lost in a paperbag!

Klingbeil Family said...

Happy belated birthday Brad!
Shana - it was great to read all those things about Brad - to help us get to know him better. He's a quiet one he is!

Anonymous said...

Since I don't have the gift of gab that Shana does--that comes form her Dad also--I have to say DITTO, DITTO, DITTO, to all she said. I appreciate so much how you takes care of three of the most important people in the world to me. I'm so proud of how you are content to be who God created you to be without wanting any fanfare. I know first hand just how blessed a woman is that has a husband to love and support her with his owe life--"just as Christ loved the church." Thanks Brad!

Your FAVORITE Mother-in-law