Friday, April 11, 2008

Fun Fact Friday: Bryce's Baptism

I'm sure you all remember my post about Bryce asking Jesus into his heart. Since he did, back in December, we've been happily anticipating his baptism. Our church usually does baptisms on or around Christmas and Easter holidays. So, last Sunday Bryce was baptized. We explained beforehand, that this is something you do after you ask Jesus in your heart. He was not the least bit apprehensive, probably due in part, by witnessing his best friends baptism last December. There were four children baptized that Sunday, all of whom, became Christians at home under the direction and guidance of their parents.

It was a very special day. One which, I hope he never forgets. My brother, and several friends, helped with all the pictures and videos (thanks guys).

Entering the baptismal pool.

In the pool, before immersion....don't you love that smile!!!

Just after.....

My absolute favorite picture. Look how proud he looks and look at proud Daddy!!

This is my favorite part of the baptism. Our pastor, anoints them with oil, speaks their full name, and declares to them that they have been sealed for life. I love it because it is such a definitive statement of his salvation.

While we were changing his clothes, I again told him that when we ask Jesus in our heart, he washes away all of our sins, and the baptism is to help us remember that Jesus has washed away our sins and forgiven us, and made us clean.

On a side note, this was extra special for us because Bryce's baptism was performed by our beloved pastor. He is taking a new position within our denomination, and this will likely be his last baptism ever. He is so special to us..... he performed our wedding, has dedicated both of our children, has generally been there for us through thick and thin, and also got to baptize my eldest. Sweet special blessings, that I'm so thankful for. We sure do love you Dewey!!


chelle belle said...

What a special, special moment! I so love his smiles, before and after.... he seems so grown up!!!!

Tamara Chastain said...

Amen to that! I love the excitement you see in his face. Praise God!

Tim & Angela Fleming said...

I love Bryce's smiles. It shows the joy he has in his heart. Jesus is smiling too, Bryce!!!

Thank you, Shana, for your sweet message. We will be glad to get this behind us finally.

Tammy Howard said...

What beautiful pictures of Bryce. He sure does look like his heart is full of joy. I like the picure of him and Brad too...that's a true love picture.

All the kids were so happy and full of God's love. I just loved seeing their smiles.

Good word on Dewey too. We do love you Dewey and I wish you would change your mind and stay our Pastor. We have been blessed.


Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...

Wow! That WAS such a special moment and those pictures are precious to have caught the moment in such a spectacular way! Your post blessed my heart and made me smile. I am honored that I was able to witness such a sweet moment in the life of your family!

We love you guys!! To Him be the glory!!

Love you,


The Wild World of Richmond said...

What a great DAY!!!! God really uses the little children to speak to us. The joy on Bryce's face was so apparent, deep down joy. I wonder if my joy is that visible to others. I'm guessing that it's not, but I know that I need to work on that. I'm sure that's what Jesus is talking about when he says "the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." I wanna be like a little child again.
Awesome day, awesome pics, and awesome parents!
love you!

Tammy said...

Such wonderful pictures!!! Bryce holds a special place in my heart and I am sooo very glad that he is my brother in Christ! We love you Bryce!!!!!!!

Jess said...

How sweet!!
What great pictures. Such a smile of that sweet boy's face. Undeniable joy. I know you're both proud. And how special to be shared in with your beloved Pastor.

Anonymous said...

Now I ask you, is there anything any sweeter? I think not. We are so proud of you Bryce, I am sorry that we weren't their for the second most important day of your life---second only to the day you received Christ as your personal Savior. Only Jesus can put a smile like that on your face.

I'm proud of your parents for their commitment to teach and train you and Sara Kate in the WAY to go.

Granda & GDaddy

Jo said...

Your absolute favorite picture is my absolute favorite too, Shana! It almost makes you cry to see the joy in both of their faces! There is nothing held precious! Thank you for your tender comments about Dewey. I hope you know how much we appreciate you and that we count it a blessing to have been there to share the joy and the pain on your family's journey! We have a history together with your family and the other families in our church. We always want to be a part of your lives!

Brittany said...

What a blessing to see the joy of a child, especially that kinda joy! Another name written in the Lamb's Book of Life! All the angels rejoice!

Jenny said...

His face says it all. I pray that joy stays with him all the days of his life!!!