Friday, April 18, 2008

Fun Fact Friday: Silence is Golden

Here it is, almost 7:00 PM and I have not posted a Fun Fact today. I almost brushed it off entirely, and let the day (and the post) go by completely because I had NOTHING for the post. My creative juices had officially run dry, but then the last 24 hours played back through my mind, and like a lightning bolt, I was struck with the obvious. Silence is golden!!

Now, somewhere about 30 miles from here, my brother has just passed out. In his mind, I would be the last person in the world to enjoy a little silence. Apparently, in my younger years, I drove him some kind of crazy with some sort of constant it talking, yelling, crying, screaming, or singing, or all of the above all at the same time. It's been rumored that Scott would pitifully ask of our mother, "Mom, can't you please make her shut up?" To add insult to injury, I had an older sister who loved the talking and the yelling and the singing as much as I did.......especially if we were in the car.

Fast forward about 20 years. Now, here I am with 2 children.........2 children, I might add that are A LOT LIKE ME. The tables have officially been turned and now Scott can't wipe that grin off his know the one that's saying, "Paybacks are ......" Oh, yes indeed readers, the addage is true.....paybacks are. And, I'd have to whole-heatedly agree that the absolute worst form of the constant chatter/singing/yelling torture is when you're in the car. Oh, heaven help me, there is nothing worse. Usually, one is singing and the other is saying "mom" every other word. Then, they'll go in to some sort of nonstop nonsense.......something akin to la la la la la la or some other sing-song rhythmical, repetitive insanity. Top all of that off, with the fact that Bryce usually has some sort of toy that he is banging or beating or drumming or whathaveyou......Oh yes ma'am it makes for a pleasant ride.

Just this morning, I had the opportunity to have myself some silence. It was grand. It was wonderful. It was....... a MIRACLE. Brad was not home, the kids were not home, total silence. (Not that Brad ever says's just the kids I'm talking about). But, speaking of Brad, he has this supernatural, God given ability to TUNE THEM OUT!! Oh, how I've longed for that gift. But, nope, I don't have it....probably never will. Oh well, at least I'll savor silence every chance I get.

The Fact is: Silence is golden


The Wild World of Richmond said...

OOOOOOOOhhhh, I knew that fun fact before you shared it. I get up at like 4:30 AM (no kidding) a lot of mornings just so I can enjoy some of the silence. I agree the car is the worst. We thought we had scored big with the built in DVD and headphones, but then they sing louder because they can't hear themselves. What kids movie is not filled with music. Yesterday, it was "Chicken Little" with ..."ONE LITTLE SLIP..MUMBLE, MUMBLE(they forget the words, but keep jibbering). Ken and I were about to go INSANE.
Oh and the jury is still out on the slide shows. I worked all day on it-got it up-decided to change my background-lost it...started all over. Maybe if you know what your doing-but I was definitely winging it.

Tammy said...

Yeah, I have seriously considered having one of those sound proof windows that slide up between the front and back of the car - like in a limo. :) Wonder if that would work in a Tahoe??

Tim & Angela Fleming said...

Yeah, know what you mean. Even though mine are older, I still have to referee a lot of fights! But the noise does get better the older they get, thats the good news! My quiet time is when the kids are at school and Ella takes a nap. I know those won't last long so I am enjoying it while I can. Silence IS Golden!!!

chelle belle said...

SOOOOO True! Silence recharges me!

(Tammy ~ you crack me up with the window idea! Love it!)

Brad & Shana said...

Yeah Tammy, I think we've all just figured out how Eric can expand his business....if he could figure out how to install those windows, I bet he'd make millions.....I'd be first in line


Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...

Silence IS SO GOLDEN!!! We have had much of it this week and I have enjoyed it, but I sure DO miss my babies!!

I am with Shana, if Eric could expand and make those 'super silence windows', he could proably retire early and I would be 2nd in line behind Shana!!

So glad you had such a silent day and you could enjoy some peace for a while! Also, Scott and my brother David, could probably share some stories on how much you and I talked and bugged them when we were little. That part of your post cracked me up! LOL!

Love ya,


Brittany said...

Shana! I can NOT believe you contemplated depriving your audience of Fun Fact Friday! So wrong, but you redeemed your self :) Thanks for the heads up on things to come. Hopefully Brad really will be offering the soundproof glass by the time Ada is at talking age!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get together. I can usually do Monday Tuesday or Wednesday. The weekends are kinda hit or miss but we could definitely work something out if that is the best. I can't wait to hear about the scrapbooking weekend! How fun! Would you like together this week before you go or is that too hectic? We could always wait until you girls get back and then you can share on the fun. Looking forward to it!!!

Jenny said...

You make me laugh and I'm glad you're in my life. I'm also glad you were able to enjoy that golden silence. It's much deserved my dear friend!!

Love ya,
Jenny Belle