Monday, April 14, 2008

The Farmer's Terrible, Horrible, No-good, Very Bad Day

Okay, so it's been one of those days. It's not that the day itself has been all that terrible, although it certainly has not been great. It's more that we had our heart set on doing a few specific things with the kids on spring break, and the very un-spring-like weather ruined our plans. I've been a planner all my life, Brad....not so much. And, this is exactly his argument. Why plan, when things come up and you have to change everything. I'm now starting to come over to his way of thinking, although, I'd be hard pressed to suppress the planner in me in it's entirety.

Brad is going out of town Wednesday, so we had decided that he would take off Monday and Tuesday to do some stuff with the kids. And, all the 'stuff' that we wanted to do included the great outdoors (I am married to Brad Farmer-the Eagle Scout). I think we will be able to salvage tomorrow, Lord willing, but all of us (okay, maybe except Sara Kate who is always in her own little wonder world) have kind of moped around all day. Boo-Hiss to all this wintry weather in the middle of spring BREAK! On a side note, this is the second time that we had planned to 'camp out' on my parent's property, both times, Brad had the truck all loaded down, and he had to unload it....firewood and all. (poor guy....we're gonna use that firewood one of these days)

We (I) tried to salvage the day by letting the kids help me make home made cinnamon rolls this morning. I used to make them all the time in high school......let's just say that I'm not as familiar with my rolling pin as I used to be. The kids liked spreading the butter and the cinnamon/sugar, so I guess they enjoyed it. I admit, it was a feeble attempt. But, the rolls tasted good, even if they were a little flat. Brad and I also worked several puzzles with them too. But, the rest of the day was just the same old, same old.....and we were trying so hard for it to be special for them. And, on top of that disappointment, the kids were cooped up in the house on a cold day, and the stir crazies were definitely setting in; which means there was a lot of "stop, quit, and don't" thrown around. I hate days like that!!

Obviously, we had a lot to talk about during our mad, sad, glad game at devotions (disappointments happen). But, I'll leave you on a funny note. During prayer, when we got to the "Jesus, I'm sorry for____" statement, Bryce said......."I'm sorry mom had to call me down like 55 times or something." Brad & I busted out laughing.......of course, in my head I was thinking, "you mean 55 HUNDRED times", but I assure you, that stayed in my head, and never left my mouth. It was nice to end the day with a smile. I'll leave you with a few pictures of my little kitchen helpers.

Spreading the butter......mmmmm

Now comes, the cinnamon and sugar

Flat as a flitter cinnamon rolls.....but......they were still good. Looking at this picture makes me laugh, they look more like pinwheel cookies than actual cinnamon rolls. I'm pretty sure I've admitted that I'm no Paula Deen.......if you had any doubts, here's proof.


Jess said...

Those rolls look pretty good to me!
Of course, I'm impressed with anyone who doesn't use Pillsbury's like I do!!
And, I must admit, I'm more like your Brad when it comes to the whole planning thing. I'd rather take life as it comes and see how I feel (or what the weather does) when I get there! :)
Looks like you salvaged pretty well though. Here's hoping you squeeze in a bit more quality time tomorrow before he has to leave.

The Wild World of Richmond said...

Ditto on the yucky weather. We, too, had outdoor plans. It also didn't help that the strep throat monster struck Bryn after church Sunday. I hope she didn't give anybody any of those yuckies. She got progressively sicker after church and a dr. visit proved it. We were like, so much for spring break. At least you made cinnamon rolls with your kids. I think my just got the yelling.
Ya' know, you REALLY ARE a great Mom and your kids are picking up a lot of really GREAT truth from all the things you are doing. You really inspire me to try harder with my own kids. I never feel like I'm doing enough.
love you guys,

Jenny said...

Yummm! Those rolls look deslish and your little helpers did such a great job. I'm sorry the weather is crappy and am hoping that out of nowhere today that the temperature sky rockets!! Gotta love the quotes from the kids. :) You're an awesome mama and those kids are thankful for you.

Tammy said...

Some days are like that, even in Australia. :)

Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...

LOL! Yes, some days are like that no matter where in the world you are- even Australia!! But, I bet those kids don't remember it the way you do. They probably were just excited to make homemade cinnamon rolls! We, too, use Pillsbury's. I am impressed that you make them homemade. Again, not something I do!!

You ARE an awesome mom (Must I refer you back to Joe's post from Sunday?) and your little ones are SO blessed to have you! But, I am with you, I can't just give up on the innate planner in me! She will live on no matter what the weather or anything else throws her way!

Also, the '55 times or something' comment made me LAUGH OUT LOUD here in my office at work!!! That was hilarious!! I got some funny looks, but I laughed anyway!!

Be encouraged that your children probably had a fabulous day just being with mommy and daddy!

Love you,


Erik and Angela Green said...

tell brad to sign me up for camping. i never turn those trips down.

Tammy Howard said...

How funny! I think if I can't play outside....I'll just take a nap :-)

Sorry it turned off this week. It does that sometime..go figure. I'n a planner my self Shana...even though you think I'm the most laid back person you know. Nothing wrong with's the unpacking that I hate.

Those cinnamon rolls look yummy to me. I bet they had fun making them!

I hope you have a warmer and tomorrow.


Brittany said...

Who cares what they look get major points for any attempt at HOMEMADE cinnamons rolls and Paula Dean...she is funny and has a cute accent but Pillsbury is my friend.

I love that Bryce is so into the activity that he is on the counter!

Bernster said...

And the Bernster is impressed with ANYONE who loves Alexander!! It is because of him that I want to live in Australia...did you also know that he used to be rich?? Last Sunday,!! Grace and peace-B