Monday, October 13, 2008

What a Weekend

This past weekend my sister and nieces came in town for a visit. They haven't been up since July so we had a lot of family fun to accomplish. It worked out perfectly, because it was also Fall Break, so we had a little extra time to cram everything in.

Friday we loaded the kids up and went to the pumpkin patch in Dawsonville. The ride to get there was almost as fun as the patch itself. I won't explain why, there are no words; although I bet mom could think of several. Anyway, after we got finished with the obligatory photo shoot, we picked out pumpkins and took the hay ride. We went back home through Ellijay where we stopped and got some fried apple pies and apple fritters because you can never have too much sugar when you've got 3 kids in the back of a van.

Saturday my sister and the kids took Katie Bell to get her ears pierced. It was all her idea and I tried explaining to her that it would hurt a little bit, but she could not be deterred. I knew in my chicken-ness that I could not take her and my sister jumped at the chance. So, while Brad & I went to a wedding, Shelley went to have metal things pierced through my childs ears. On purpose. Apparently, she did okay. Although there were waterworks despite her promise that there wouldn't be.

Saturday night the kids painted pumpkins and everyone spent the night at Granda & G Daddy's in anticipation of Sunday morning waffles and fried eggs & gravy. Also, on Sunday the kids drove the golf cart, went on a motorcycle ride compliments of Uncle Scott, and made and decorated fall-themed cupcakes.

Sunday night we had a hayride, bonfire, and marshmallow roast.

Shelley did an awesome post as well and it includes more pictures. If you want to check out her post. Go here. Her's is a lot more creative and funny, but I am weary and the creative juices have run dry this morning.


Paul & Shelley said...

It was a great weekend. Thanks again for implementing "Craft Time with Aunt Shana." The girls love it. When you get a chance, will you e-mail Bayley's video to me. Thank you again. Tell the kids we love them and miss them already.


DeLynn said...

So cute, Shana! Love the video Shelley took of the ear-piercing. I can tell that Aunt Shelley got SK ready to go out---the hair and the bow! :) SK looks adorable.

Both you and Shelley are great writers.

Love you!

Tammy said...

Great post! I am so impressed videos and slide shows all in one. Sooo glad y'all had a fun weekend!

The Wild World of Richmond said...

Awwww...what fun!!! It certainly made me wanna go to the pumpkin farm, make cupcakes and take my girls to get their ears pierced.

Jayden watched SK's video and said, "what happened to her?" I think he knew from her face that it wasn't least to a four year old.

I personally think she looks adorable and that video should be saved for her own children to view one day. What a cutie!!!


Jenny said...

So stinkin cute! Glad y'all had a great family weekend. The pictures are absolutely adorable and ditto on what Delynn said, you and Shelley are both great writers.

Tammy Howard said...

Looks like a great weekend to me.

Love the video and pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Wheeew! Don't know when I have had so much fun and enjoy a week-end with my babies and come so close to dying. Shelley wasn't kidding about it being the "big one". Of course she failed to say she was in the bed with me at 11:30 while I was trying to sleep and she was creating her blog. Seriously, it was a great week-end. Thanks Shelley and Shana for making it happen, GDaddy and I are so blessed.

Love, Mom

Brittany said...

I heart your entire update. There is nothing like a little tunage while looking as some great photos. I just wanna eat up Miss S.K. She is adorable. Dancing with the the King of da Burgers and then bless her little heart getting her ears pierced. Props to Bryce for being such an awesome big bro!

I too would love to get together soon. Oct is wild so lets talk November.