Monday, October 20, 2008

The Monster Bash

A few weeks ago we decided to join the Children's Museum in Chattanooga. We usually try to become a member of something fun each year to have something to do with the kids. We try to change it up each year. One year it was the zoo, one year it was the aquarium, and this year it was the Creative Discovery Museum. I've heard that their birthday parties are fun & reasonable and with SK's coming up, our decision was easy.

We got lucky and joined at the right time, just before their annual Monster Bash. It's the museum's version of a fall festival. The kids come all dressed up in their costumes and get to do fun activities all through out the museum. They got to see a magic show, paint pumpkins, go through a hay maze, roast marshmallows, pet live snakes and bugs, make crafts, dance, etc. But probably most importantly.....collect candy. So, you get the idea. The best part was that it is free to members.

Here's some pictures of the Monster Bash and also from when we went earlier.

In the middle of the atrium they had a 'dance party'. It was really cute. Through out the night, they had the kids dancing and doing a conga line and the limbo. Of course, Sara Kate decided to 'cut a rug' with "the burger king." I thought it was worth sharing.


Tammy said...

Now she can dance! Both kids looked so cute in their costumes! Glad y'all had lots of fun!!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is, like Mother like daughter. That is so Shana. They were both soooo cute.

Don't change Sara Kate, the world is your stage.


Bridenstine3 said...

Libby would have thought that was fun. We'll have to consider it for hers next year. I hope we didn't miss SK's party on our error. It's totally fine that you didn't invite her, but I just wanted to make sure that was the case and we didn't miss her occassion. I know parties have limits and you can only invite so many kids, so we do understand. I just really wanted to make sure it wasn't us who missed it.

Brad and Shana said...


We went to the Monster Bash which was a party at the Creative discovery museum....kind of like their fall festival. It was open to members only, so we went.

SKs party will be in November (11/22) and you are certainly on the list. So, you DID NOT miss it. There are a limited number, but I think I've got it figured out to the young girls at church in her Sunday school class and the girls in her ballet class and our sweet little next door neighbor, Libby. SK would probably be crushed if we she wasn't there.

Maybe you can see if you think she'll like that for her party when you come to ours. The party is cheaper if you become a member and they do EVERYTHING. Cake, invitations, goody bags, etc. I've heard its an easy party. And we've already been twice with our membership, so we've probably come close to paying for it.

Brad sarcastically says that your invitation will be passed out at the neighborhood block party.......(ha ha) He is the devil!

The Wild World of Richmond said...

Dance, Girl, Dance!!! What a cutie!