Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our week

I am SO glad it is Saturday night. Saturday night means the week is almost over. In fact, we just have about 4 hours left of this one; and believe, me I'm very happy to rip these days from the calendar. Our week has been busy and challenging.

On Monday night, Bryce had a football game and got to play against his best friend. Bryce had his best game so far, with 3 solid tackles and 3 more close attempts. Sadly, we still lost, but you can really tell that the players are improving. So that was fun!

**************Before the big game*************

Tuesday, I did our monthly grocery shopping that morning and Bryce had Karate that afternoon. Also, on Tuesday we had the privilege of taking a meal to a couple at church with a newborn. Sara Kate went with me and was allowed to hold cute, little Andy with my help. She thought that was the berries. Unfortunately, on my way home I was the lucky recipient of a ticket. My offense? I wasn't buckled. That. Is. All. You would think that the kind sir would have just given me a warning since I wasn't doing anything else wrong (like speeding) but warnings for me. So, if you live near me, they mean it when they say, "click it or ticket" the tune of $15.

Interestingly enough, Bryce understands my pain all too well. Wednesday he got in trouble at school. Now, it's nothing major or I wouldn't be broadcasting it all over the internet. Each day, in his "take home papers" there is either a happy or sad face to indicate his behavior. Bryce has NEVER had an issue until this week (it was bound to happen sometime). Wednesday, he received his first sad face. But, the funny part of the story occurred when we were discussing what happened. Bryce was very aggravated because apparently the teacher usually gives warnings, and this particular time, she did not. So, Bryce reasoned that really his offense should have just been a warning (makes sense to me). Believe me, I understood very well (see paragraph above). He went on to say, "Mom, even God gives second chances." (tell that to the officer) Okay, so what was I supposed to say to that. Another lesson, learned the hard way I suppose (for both of us).

Thursday, Sara Kate and I did our usual running around which includes ballet and my allergy shots. We also had karate again that afternoon. Bryce received the invitation to test for his yellow belt on Tuesday. And, he was super excited. He has been asking me when he was going to get it. If you think of it, and don't think it's too trivial, please pray for him Tuesday afternoon. But, Thursday was also my anniversary (9 years)! Mom had called and offered to keep the kids so that we could go out (I love it when that happens, thanks mom & dad). So, Brad & I got to try a new restaurant in town. It was fabulous. My favorite was the lobster bisque. It has put Brad and I on the search (again) for the all elusive great bisque recipe (we've tried several).

Friday was just fine. We stayed in and didn't do anything or go anywhere.....well Brad cut the grass. But, we stayed home and did normal "home" stuff, trying to play catch up.

And, today we had a football game and a birthday party and a few other errands to run. One thing on the "to do" list was to get the B-man a haircut. While there, Sara Kate insisted on getting one too. I have been thinking of cutting her hair, but Brad said that he liked it long. However, she is a persistent little thing and she kept going to Brad while we were waiting on Bryce, saying, "Daddy, I want a real haircut." He relented, and we took the plunge and cut her hair into a cute little chin length bob. I think she looks darling, and I hope it will be easier. But, I'll let you judge for yourself.

Her birthday is in November, and she is wanting an American Girl doll. I think maybe we'll get her Kit, because now, they look a lot alike. Admittedly, this is not a great picture, it was taken after bath and before bed, and I didn't have the patience to really exert my photographic skill (or lack thereof.) Here is Kit. Don't you think they look similar?

I know most of this is mundane, and I'm sure most people have clicked away. Why, would anyone want to read a day by day account of my week. They wouldn't of course, But, I just thought our little "life lesson" about following the rules was worth sharing. And, I needed to throw in karate, and football, and new do's. So, there you have it. I'm off to soak in the tub! Wouldn't you?


The Wild World of Richmond said...

Don't you just love a long soak after that kind of week? Our week was just as eventful-I just haven't had the energy to put it into words. When you see us pull in the parking lot tomorrow, you'll understand.

Bridenstine3 said...

They do look alike!

Tammy Howard said...

Sounds like a busy but great week!!

I just love football and a great haircut!!

Anonymous said...

I'm really hurt that you forgot about the apple pie I made JUST because you like it, and might I remind you that it just happen to be on the night of the ticket, which I am glad you got so that maybe you want forget again.

Way to go Bryce, you look like a real grown-up football player. I will be praying on Tuesday...I know you can do it.

My little Saratina ballerina, you look sooooo cute but, it makes you look older, I don't think I like that. Your Aunt Sissy will really be surprised.

Hope this week goes smoother.


Tammy said...

Love Sara Kate's new do!!

Cyndi Lou said...

Sara Kate's hair looks GREAT and she DOES look a bit like Kit! Hope she likes her new doll when she gets her! Glad your long week is over and hope your soak in the bath was very rejuvenating! Have a GREAT Monday!


Brittany said...

I love Sara Kate's new haircut. So very cute. So happy to know that American Girl dolls are still "in". I was into them when I was little too!