Monday, August 11, 2008

A Strange Occurence

This morning a strange and rare occurrence took place. Sara Kate and I were on our way home from dropping Bryce off at school. She was being her usual self and talking non-stop, asking all manner of questions. Then, without warning she said, (and I quote) "UGH, I am SO tired of talking!!" She nearly made me pass out at the wheel, as I thought to myself, "could this be true, could it really be possible that she has talked so much, that she has already reached some sort of internal word gauge that no one else on earth has triggered yet and modern science has yet to discover." And, very quickly I was starting to think of the solitude that just might now exist in our van...............But, then, what seemed like nanoseconds later, she added, "but my brain just keeps telling me to talk." Can I just say, that that little brain of hers is going to get her into trouble one day? Anyway, then she went straight into rhyming words (and I quote) "tick, lick, pick" etc. And, after that, it was time for some made up songs. She is the only artist I know that mixes praise and worship with kiddie secular in the same song. This morning her song was about worshipping Jesus her friend, and then the lyrics took a turn in to something I didn't even understand. All this was in less than 5 minutes it takes to get home.

Ah, so close, so very close. One can only hope.

I thought I would include a short video of one of her made up songs. She was in a singing mood one morning after she woke up and joined us in our bed. For some reason, I had the presence of mind to get the camera.


Tammy said...

LOL! That girl is a riot! I can only imagine the plans that God has in store for her! :)

MBJones said...

Hilarious! She is a chip off the old block...and I mean that in the best way.

Klingbeil Family said...

Well, she sure does follow in her mom's footsteps doesn't she?!! Sing it girl!
What a cutie!
As I played the video, Kailey was around the corner in the living room and she said "That sounds like Sara Kate" - How do they recognize each other that way? Maybe Sara Kate has sung a song or two for Kailey too?!

Kevin & Lacey Hammontree said...

Oh!! That video made me laugh out loud!!! How cute is she!!!

Lacey H

The Wild World of Richmond said...

She is soooooo cute. This morning when i was taking Jayden to his play day at preschool I asked him if i could pray for him. He said I could and I did. Then he said "Mommy, can I pray for you now?" My litte happy heart just melted. I had to share it with someone and there's been no one to talk to all day. i probably should blog it, but this is just as good!!
Keep that singing going Sara kate. You'll be on the praise team in no time!
love ya',

chelle belle said...

What a sweet cutie pie! LOVED your story about riding in the car! LOL funny!

Tamara Chastain said...

I love it! She truly makes me laugh.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of repeating myself, sweet sweet justice. Keep singing Sara Kate that makes Granda's heart happy!

Love ya,

Jess said...

That is so hilarious!
"My brain keeps telling me to talk." Too cute!
And the song video... very sweet.

Brittany said...

My heart is so happy that I got to read about hilarious miss S.K. and hear her in action!!!

Cyndi Lou said...

Oh, Shana, I can SO RELATE!! My Anna Grace and your sweet Sara Kate will be best buddies some day, but I don't know who will 'out-talk' the other!! The moments in the car cracked me up!!! I so can see Anna Grace saying that. I gasped when I read that Sara Kate said she was 'tired of talking'!!

I can't watch the video from work, but I can't wait to see it when I get home!!

Oh, the joys of raising those sweet little girls!!! LOL!!


Bridenstine said...

Aren't they amazing in many ways at this age?

Paul & Shelley said...

I think I can say that Scott would join me in saying. SHE GETS THAT FROM YOU!!!!!! As for the critical analysis of her song, you sing it how you want to sing and she'll sing it how she wants to sing it. I believe I heard that somewhere before.
Sara Kate, you can call Aunt Sissy anytime you just want to talk, or rhyme, or even sing, and we'll do it together.

Anonymous said...

All those times in the car when we were growing up...My begging and pleading with Mom and Dad to get you and Shelley to stop singing at the TOP of your lungs. All those countless, agonizing times...Yes my prayers are being answered. Well the Lord has heard my prayer and He's delivered sweet vengeance in the cute little package we know as Sara Kate. Sing loud and proud Sara Kate. Uncle Scott's your biggest fan!!
Pardon me, I must go and bask in the warm glow of sweet, sweet justice.