Friday, July 11, 2008

Fun Fact Friday: My claim to fame......sort of?

I read Beth Moore's (of Living Proof Ministries) blog a good bit. And by a good bit, I mean, I check it every day. I've always loved her studies and the way she writes, so it was a natural choice for my "link list." A couple of months ago, she did a post offering to facilitate a bible study, that we, all the blog readers could participate in. The concept was sort of experimental, as she said that she had never facilitated a study for her blog readers. Plus, it is not a Beth Moore study, it is No Other Gods by Kelly Minter. But, it was presented as a slower pace, (read not as much homework as a Beth Moore) lighter study; and Beth herself had done the study and thought it had merit.

Anyway, kind of on a whim, I sent an email out to my Sunday school class mates to see if there was any interest. So,when the sign up post went up, the Living Proof blog received 1634 comments from folks that had formed groups and wanted to participate; and mine was one of them. Much to my surprise, we originally had 17 ladies from our sunday school class signed up.

That is when I began to panic. I never dreamed that that many of us would want to participate, and I suddenly began to feel a lot of pressure. What if they don't like the study? What if I end up having to talk, you know, IN FRONT OF PEOPLE? Etc. etc.

I had no idea how Beth was going to facilitate the study, and that didn't dawn on me until after I had a group of girls signed up. So, I anxiously awaited the post from Beth about what our first assignment was and when I read it, I promptly passed out (just kidding, but I sure wanted to.) I literally thought , after reading the assignment to our group of gathered girls, that they were all going to stare at me as if I had grown a third leg......out of my head.

What was the assignment, you ask? Well, here it is:

Spend most of your gathering time thinking of ways as a small group to memorize it (Jude 1:24-25). Get creative! You can make up hand motions or actions to go with it - anything fun, clever, or meaningful to make it easier to memorize. If you think you did a really great or funny job with it, here’s what you do! Fine tune it over the next four or five days then video tape it with all your siestas in mind

She went on to say that a winner would be chosen from all of the submitted videos.

To make a long story short, I had no reason to worry (haven't I learned yet). The girls jumped on board without a moment's hesitation. We laughed our heads off trying to come up with something to enter......and somehow we ended up doing a rap. That in an of itself is quite hilarious, and it makes me giggle every time I think about it.......especially considering that there are only a couple of us that are blessed with the gift of rhythm. (And I am not one of them) But, we honestly had so much fun with it.

My brother, Scott, hooked us up with a beat and he kindly created an actually good video out of the footage that we taped.....even though he thought we were crazy.

Well, we didn't win the contest, but we did get honorable mention. As a matter of fact, it is posted on her blog right now as I type. So head on over there and check out our rendition of Jude 1:24-25. Go ahead, have a laugh on us, and learn some scripture too.

On a more serious note, the actual study is very good and very thought provoking. I would recommend it.


Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...

What a great post on a great study!! The video turned out great. Anna Grace & Austin enjoyed watching all of the mom's 'rap' and 'bee-bop' our heads around. They thought it was great!!

Your post expressed it so well. How awesome is it that your 'little email' to get 'a few of us' involved turned into 17 ladies and video on Beth Moore's blog??!!

Thank you for being obedient and following the urging-- even though you wanted to pass out a few times or so! :)

I had so much fun making the video!!

Love ya girl,


The Wild World of Richmond said...

I am laughing my head off!!! This is so awesome. I'm glad we at least got an honorable mention. I think we deserved FIRST.

Tammy said...

I am with Terri...cause that is just funny, I don't care who you are!

Jess said...

You go Girl!
I'm impressed!
You know, I had honestly considered doing the summer study, but ended up weenying (?) out. I hope it's been a good one for you!

MBJones said...

Shana, thanks for hooking all this up. I have had fun being silly and getting to share my heart with you gals. By the way, we ROCK! I'm doing a little dance by myself right now...this might become a problem! :)

Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...

Mary Beth,

You simply crack me up and make me smile... 'this might become a problem'!! God is blessing me immensely through our friendship!!

Love you girl!


Brad & Shana said...

Dalton EMC Girls~

Have you read the comments on the Living Proof blog.....someone from our group commented, and Beth accidentally deleteted it. She wants you to repost.

Joe_R said...

Props to you all, the video was fantastic. I didn't know some of you had that in you.

Sharing Jesus with people you care about is such an awesome privilege, and I salute each of you for making that point abundantly clear in this effort.

And for the record, you gals take first place in my heart!

Joe (Siesta by marriage)

Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...


I commented last night around that time and I didn't see my comment this morning, so I think that was my comment. I reposted another comment this morning so hopefully, when she accepts them, it will show up! How cool!??

Thanks again Shana for coordinating all of this and getting it all together and for being our 'fearless leader'! :)

For those of you reading this who aren't in our study, like Shana said, please join us!! It's not too late!

Love you,


chelle belle said...

You guys look great! I vote that you hook up with Earl and rock the house one Sunday morning!!! :)

Siesta Staci said...

Hey Siesta Shana,
It's Siesta Staci~ I asked the "EMC" question on LPM blog..loved your answer about electric bill ans tithe..I live in Demorest, Ga and I'm a Habersham EMC customer. I'm pretty new to all the blogging world. But, I love it! It's a small world! I pray blessing on you and your precious family.

It's all good in the Siseta-Hood!
Siesta Staci

Brittany said...

how could I have missed this post? You girls are awesome. We all knew this already but this just adds an extra layer to your awesomeness. Jenni you are hilarious. You did so good! I can't wait until you are a P.C. for T.D. Miss you all terribly. Hope to see you very soon. Shana hope you all are having a fabulous time at the beach and let's talk get together upon your return. Much Love!!!

Becca and Brent said...

I love the LPM blog - thanks for introducing us non-siestas to it!

oh and the video was hilarious too!! great job.