Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fun in the Sun & Sand

We've been having a fabulous time at the beach. It has been great to get that much needed R&R, and it has been a blast watching the kids have fun at the ocean.........even if they do manage to throw sand on me at least every 10 minutes. Here are some pictures to document our fun in the sun & the sand.Bryce: Buried Alive

Aunt Amy, Coops, & SK playing in the ocean.

Look what we found.......Brad caught it in the net and the kids "observed" for a few minutes. But, we're catch & release kind of folks, so he's back out in the sand somewhere.

Cooper and Sara Kate are having a blast. It's so much more fun when there is someone else your size running around.

Coops waste deep

Suzy enjoying the sand & the surf

Brad playing the Tim Conway skit from yesteryear. It took him 3 tries before he could actually stand up. I guess sandals are not the best shoe choice. Bryce had fun piling on the sand.

Bryce had bucket brigade during sandcastle construction

SK hard at work/play

Here, we are trying to show off our matching temp tattoos. I'm thinking it will be the closest that all of us will ever get to the real thing, but we sure had fun with them. We did them in honor of our Malley girl, who we miss so much. Malley: you are surely with us in spirit wherever we go. You are very much a part of our lives, even now.
You can't see it well, but all four of us have them. Our tattoo is the Mandarin (Chinese) symbol for special. We chose special because that pretty much sums us & Malley up........Don't you think? nice!! (ha ha)

I'll try to post again soon, I have tons of pictures to share. But for now, bye from the beach.


chelle belle said...

Ahhhhh! Looks like SOOO much fun! The water looks so yummy, clear and clean!!! Have a great time!!!! :)

Brittany said...

I can tell your all are having such a good time. How fun that you all did tattoos in honor of Malley!

Thanks for the sweet words on my post. I hope you guys do get a photographer, but if for some reason you do not then I would absolutely love coming down and taking some pics of you all.

Have a wonderful rest of the week. Missed seeing you at #30 T.D. weekend!!!

The Wild World of Richmond said...

Hey girl, you guys are having SOOOOO much fun. I'm so excited for you. I'm living vicariously through you guys. i love the beach(especially that area)...maybe in the fall. Take some awesome pics!!! We have some beautiful ones that a friend made for us between Destin and Fort Walton. We also have a personal preference for "The Donut Hole". It's on your way out towards Fort Walton from Destin. They have delicious donuts, and we usually do a lunch or something there. The sandwiches are great. We ate there a bunch when we used to spend the summers doing Super Wow down there.
love you guys-

Joe & Cyndi Rogers said...

It looks like you guys are having a wonderful time!! You surely deserve it. Enjoy your downtime and your fun in the sun! We miss you, but are so happy that you have been blessed with a surprise trip to the beach!

Thanks for sharing the pictures!! I can't wait until we leave in just over a week!!

Oh, yeah, we also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Louisianna Lagniappe restaurant. The grouper there is AMAZING!! They are kind of pricey, but the food is OH, SO GOOD!!

Love you,


Jenny said...

Haha. You guys are special indeed!! Miss you but I'm glad you all are having a wonderful time. Those pictures look awesome btw! Give Bryce and Sara Kate a hug for me and tell them I love them a whole stinkin bunch.

Tammy said...

Sorry I'm a bit behind...these are great pictures. I am sooo glad you got to hang out on the beach. And, I'm with Terri, that donut place is fabulous. I hope you got to try it!

The Wild World of Richmond said...

Hey girl, just saw the comment on Brittney's about the professional pics. They are AWESOME!!!! I absolutely love them. I don't know how you're ever gonna decide which ones to print. On a side note, I've taken up a new scrapbooking. You can create a photobook and have it printed (great quality) for a whole lot less than he has. You could do a whole book with all those pictures. I bet your kids were spent when he was done. I remember the last beach pics we had done. Will was screaming about the sand getting in his eyes and somebody didn't want to put their shoes back on, etc., etc. SO WORTH IT, though!!
hugs and glad your back,

Tammy Howard said...

Looks like you guys had great fun!!

Love the pictures!!