Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Elusive Nap

Sunday is my favorite day. I see Sunday as both an end and a beginning. Sunday is both the period and the next capital letter. I know it is the first day of the week, but with today's busy lifestyle it also serves as the ending to the previous week. Or, at least I think so.

On Sunday, we have the privilege of going to a church we love with people we love. We get to listen to a wonderful and timely word from the Lord, participate in moving worship, and partake of the Lord's table. Every. Sunday. And, I don't know if that is the grand finale of the week or a great prelude to the upcoming week; but either way, it is good.

After church, we usually go out to get something to eat. Sometimes, friends join us and sometimes my brother will get some extra time with the kids and eat with us. But, regardless, who doesn't enjoy getting your tummy full on a meal you didn't have to prepare served on dishes you don't have to clean up? Yes, my friends, the after church Sunday dinner is a good thing too.

On a perfect Sunday, we would come home and settle down for some quiet time. The kids would happily and quietly entertain themselves, and I would settle in to a good spot and unfold the Sunday paper (yet another aspect of Sunday that I love). I would read the paper or the Parade magazine until my eyes got heavy and then I would peacefully sleep, uninterrupted for about an hour. Brad usually goes straight for the nap and is asleep in about 3.2 seconds, but that is another post......

Anyway, the perfect Sunday would continue by eating a light bite with my family for supper and then spending some family time together. Nothing too involved or strenuous, maybe a quick walk around the neighborhood or, Bryce & Brad throwing the ball while Sara Kate and I play with sidewalk chalk. After a few hours, we would have our devotion time and the kids would go to bed.

This is the time when Sunday converts to the beginning of a new week. At some point on a Sunday evening (I imagine especially when school starts) I try to look at the calendar and see what my week looks like. In a perfect utopia kind of world, this would be the time when I thought about what Bryce would wear to school this week and try to think (only think) about dinner possibilities for the coming week. As far as I know, we don't live in a utopia, so I don't usually get that far, but I do try to just make a mental note of what my week holds. After that, I would head to bed and watch the food network or the nightly news until I drifted off to la la land.

That my friends, would be the most absolutely supreme and perfect Sunday. It has all the elements. Spiritual feeding, physical feeding, alone time, together time, down time and a time to prepare for the upcoming week.

Sunday is still my favorite day, but just ask me how many perfect Sunday's I've had the last 3 years. Go ahead, ask! At best my friends, a pitiful handful. I'd say less than 5. And, you want to know where it all goes wrong? Because rest assured, I know exactly where we detour. It's the nap. The all elusive nap. And I've decided the reason is two fold. I came to this conclusion when I was laying in the floor in my son's bedroom in an attempt to find a quiet place in my house. Trust me, I had plenty of time to mull it over.

The two reasons are: 1) My kids don't enjoy naps and they couldn't be quiet if their life depended on it (trust me, it has and they can't) 2) the hardwood or tile floors and open floor plan of my house make it more difficult to find a quiet place than finding a needle in a haystack.

I am one of those cursed people who has to have it quiet to be able to sleep. Yet again, this is another area where my extroverted personality comes back to bite me in the tail. If I hear stuff, I think there must be something going on that I need to be a part of. I can't even fall asleep with the radio on because I have this annoying need to sing along with every song. As far as I know, you can't sing & sleep at the same time. Trust me, if you could, I would probably have it figured out by now. And, never fear, if this is something that could be done Sara Kate would've have mastered it months ago.

It's not that I mind that the kids don't take a nap. It's the fact that whatever they happen to be doing at any given moment can be heard in the next, I mean room and/or floor. We've tried movies upstairs in the play room, but Bryce doesn't sit when he watches movies, he jumps and twists and kicks things and goodness only know what else. That normally wouldn't matter, except that our bedroom is just below the playroom, so all I hear is thud, bang, thud. We've tried letting them play on the computer. But again, the computer is in the kitchen (right off from our bedroom) and all the sounds from video games makes me twitch. And, I haven't even mentioned Sara Kate yet, who literally walks around as if she is starring in her own little musical all. the. time. Today, I was trying to catch some winks on the couch (the first place I started out) and she "flitters" up to my feet to give them a little tickle. Ticklish or not, when you're about to nod off into the land of peacefulness it is NEVER funny to get a tickle. What is funny however, is that Brad was asleep (he never has issues with sleeping) in our bedroom and she kept intermittenly doing the same thing to him (sweet justice, I say). But, where did she learn these sinister torture tactics?

Oh well y'all, a girl can dream can't she? But, then again, aren't you usually asleep when you're dreaming? I can't even dream..............maybe I'll wish.

Here's wishing for the absolute, supremely perfect week.

Enjoy your week everybody!


The Wild World of Richmond said...

I read your title and I knew things were going south with this post. If it makes you feel any better, my kids can be heard everywhere!!! They are loud and they come by it naturally. I sometimes try to hide in the toilet room in my bathroom...not to sleep but for peace and lo and behold they find me.
Funny thing is that right now as I'm typing this...seriously...Jayden is on the couch beside me ...and his little head is sliding off my arm. Yes, he has gone to sleep while I'm typing condolescences to you about "no naps". I honestly laughed out loud when I felt his head fall over. Can I say I'm sorry? I guess it would make you feel better if I told you ERin was running around the room with "Sock 'em bopper" gloves hitting herself in the head and that Will and I just had a huge blow up about how much ranch dressing he uses (yes, I did just make a huge deal about Ranch dressing and failed my parenting test of the day). Are you feeling better yet?

Brad & Shana said...

Ah, Terri. You know how to make a girl feel good. And, Jay knows how to make a girl feel envious.

Funny thing, we went out for supper tonight (can you say lazy?) and SK started nodding off. Brad & I both became obnoxious trying to keep her awake. There was No way in Hades we were letting her fall asleep when we (I) didn't get to. It worked. And we're about to do devotions right now.

I hear the sleepy train a comin'

Anonymous said...

Just two words, "sweet justice".


Tammy said...

I'm not even a napper, but yesterday I tried...only in vain. I was just about to doze off not once, but twice only to be awakened guessed it, my children. I guess one day our houses will be quiet again and we will all be sad.

Brittany said...

funny post. . .very humorous post.

Tammy Howard said...

I guess it wouldn't be nice to say I had a two hour nap yesterday and Nipper snuggled up against my legs and went off to sleep too. Sandy was also asleep on the couch.

Nope it wouldn't be nice to say that.... never mind.

Have a great Sunday next week.


Kevin & Lacey Hammontree said...

I guess Kevin and I need to be thankful we don't have kids now. We slept all afternoon but in different rooms. He watched his movie and I watched mine. Hank was asleep too. The bad thing was when we nap. WE NAP!!! From the time we got home to the time we ate dinner about 6:00pm OH!! Well better luck next time. I wish I could you give you my ability to sleep any time any where.

Love ya Girl,

Lacey H

Ps. Believe it or not I was like SK I was always singing in my own little world.

Jess said...

You know, when you kept talking about Sunday being the ending and the new beginning... I just kept thinking: Alpha and Omega. And it really is!
Well, at least you get renewed and refreshed at church and with friends and family. 'Cause it sounds like it might be awhile before you get your nap! :)

chelle belle said...

Dewey did a sermon several years ago on Sabbath Rest that was especially meaningful to me. Our Sundays tend to look a lot like you described: church, lunch out ~ hopefully with friends, and then home to nap, rest, and have some quiet time..... My problem is that after that rest period, or sometimes in lieu of, I'm tempted to get a jump on my week ~ being that it's sort of a "free day". Like yesterday, I wanted to strip all the beds, do some laundry and get some fresh sheets on before bedtime (so I wouldn't have to do it today). Well, I've been convicted that we DO desparetly need to take a day and let our bodies rest! It's so good! It's God's design. It's actually a commandment (Ex.20:8-10). So, I reluctantly waited.... I did work on my weekly menu, though. OK, still working on resting here!

3 cheers for Sabbath Rest! :)

Cyndi Lou said...

Oh, the description of your perfect Sunday sounded wonderful! Your post cracked me up. But, at our house, I guess I am a bit um, 'meaner' than you are. I threaten my children and simply TELL them that we are all taking a 'family nap'. Yesterday, this happened, so delightful, and we all 4 took a nap, I mean all 6 of us, including our 2 cats.

Anna Grace and I in our bed while Austin was on the air mattress/pallet in the floor next to us and Joe was on the couch in the living room happy as a lark and snoozing. We go so far as to quiet all the phones so that no phone call can disturb us. It was quite peaceful. We slept for 3 hours. It was simply blissful until I had a 6 and 7 year old who weren't NEAR ready for bed until around 10:30 PM!! That makes for a BAAADDDD Monday morning at 7:15 around here!

But, yes, you did describe the perfect Sunday and I pray you have that 'elusive nap' very soon! I, too, am like Brad, I don't have trouble falling asleep. I am not worried about what I will miss when it comes to the Sunday afternoon nap! A mom needs her nap!

As Chelle said, '3 cheers for Savvath Rest!' :)

Love ya,


Cyndi Lou said...

Also, let me correct something, I don't fall asleep as fast as Joe does! That boy can fall asleep in 3.5 seconds flat!! Not me... it takes me a good 10 minutes or so, but once I hit the threshold of sleep, it is all she wrote for a couple of hours, no matter what anyone else in the house does or doesn't do!!

Klingbeil Family said...

I actually start getting sleepy on the way home on Sundays! I've been fed spiritually, emotionally, and physically by the time we hit the interstate and all that is needed now is some blissful napping!
I am very fortunate I guess - Kailey and Micah are very considerate and they find quiet things to do or they go outside. Although as I'm typing this I remember this past Sunday - I was upstairs sleeping (very soundly I might add) and they were playing in the pool with Kurt. Much squeeling and splashing going on and I was awakened many times. I guess this past Sunday I was just so tired I just kept going right on back to sleep! So does that count as many naps??
I'm like Cyndi - it takes me a few minutes to get there, but once I'm there - it's all over! Kurt is like Brad and Joe - 3.5 seconds flat!

Cyndi Lou said...



Who ever heard of the SAVVATH Rest??? LOL! I, of course, meant to type 'SaBBath Rest'!! :)

Bridenstine said...

I hope every Sunday from here on out is just perfect for you.