Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Little Experiment

OK- I freely admit, to the known world that I am not a fru-fru person. I've been a tomboy since the days of my youth, when the younger version of me was consumed with catching worms and pretending to host my own TV show called VET TV where I would miraculously save the dying worms by washing them in the pool (chlorine does wonders y'all) and laying them out on the concrete to, ok, maybe fry. And, this show was complete with step by step instructions for all of my faithful viewers out in TV land. With all that worm saving, I never had time to think about girly stuff and hair-dos. I can actually call to remembrance a time when I jumped in the shower and literally counted to 200, thinking that surely one can get completely clean in 200 seconds. I'm sure this admission has just made my mother gasp with horror, and now she's thinking, "oh, where did I go wrong." I have absolutely no idea how old I was, but I promise it wasn't in the last two decades. And mom, no worries, you did just fine. I'm an adult that loves the Lord and so far, no one has banished me from anywhere due to uncleanliness.

Anyway, why this admission? Well, because my kids just spent a week with my sister. My sister is the definition of fru-fru, and has been all of her life. She can fix hair like nobody's business. And it's not just that she can fix hair, she LOVES fixing hair, and doing anything else that could be considered fru-fru. You name the topic, and she could have a conversation about it. Style, make up, hair care products, fashion, etc., etc, blah-blah-blah. Well, at home, my KatieBell is usually sporting a pony tail or a hair barrette, and that is pretty much the extent of our hair styling abilities. Now, don't get me wrong, not even for a KatieBell is cute as a bug without that stuff. But, it just seemed like she enjoyed a little of the fru-fru last week. So much so, that Shelley decided to post about it, and in the process, gave me a good natured ribbing.

So last night after Sara Kate had her bath, I had a brainstorm. I thought to myself, "you know, I should really try to do something cute with her hair." But, my aforementioned lack of fru-fru-ness left me a little empty handed because I don't own a curling iron or anything. Heck, I don't think I even have a can of hairspray in the house. But, I happened to remember something I did once in high school called rag rolling.

I asked Sara Kate if she wanted me to make her hair curly, and she screamed, "yes, yes, yes." Clearly, she is her aunt's child. I am quite certain that if mom had been so kind as to give me the option when I was 3, I would have flatly refused those proverbial Saturday night sponge rollers. Anyway, I took a stab at rag rolling her hair last night. I don't know if this is exactly the look we were going for, but it took quite an effort to get it done, and I sure wasn't going to take the time to try to straighten it. This, my friends, is precisely why I don't venture out in to the world of fru-fru. Oh well, I tried.

Check her out.. enjoy the before and after:
We've got a long way to go!! I guess it's off to Walmart we go to get some pink sponge rollers.....or maybe a curling iron.


chelle belle said...

T-totally adorable!!!

(from one non-fru-fru girl mom to another!)

Paul & Shelley said...

Well, I will have to say. I am extremely proud of you. Not only did you take the time to rag roll her hair you even made the extra effort to put the bow in her hair. Way to go!! I must go my eyes are moist with tears and I can't see to type.

P.S. I told you all that ribbon in your craft room would go to good use in her hair.

with all my love and quite a bit of pride right now.

Steven, Meleia & Libby Bridenstine said...

So cute. You two could go into business! Dangerous! I have never heard of "rag rolling". It's probably a healthier way of curling hair.

Tammy said...

I saw it in person yesterday and can definitely say it looked adorable! I'm proud that you took the first step in the program to "fru fru" living! I think the next step is ballet! :)

Brad & Shana said...

Oh Tammy, that literally made me laugh out loud!!

Um, I need to conquer one demon at a time.....thankyouverymuch!!

Who knows, I may have a fru fru ballerina after all.

Jenny said...

Do you want me to taze my sister? Haha j/k. She looked absolutely adorable and you did a fabulous job! Oh and you smell!!! Seriously, how could I not say that? You left that one open for me. :)

Brad & Shana said... offer yet another occasion for me to laugh out loud......Wow, you Godwin girls really know how to bring out the giggles.......