Thursday, June 19, 2008

Adoption Update

Hey guys~

I posted on Malley's site today. Please head on over there and help us pray.


Jess said...

Praying with you!!


Steven, Meleia & Libby Bridenstine said...

Sorry to leave this on your blog, it's really an emailable thing, but I can't find your email. This morning when Steven was pulling out of the driveway, he called me and in the most disgusted voice, he said, "look at the Farmers' garage, just look. This neighborhood is going to go downhill fast...." I looked out the window and I said, "she's probably just having a scrapbooking event this weekend in the garage and it's just temporary." It was rather amusing that he who has had 25 signs in the front yard, a deer, dead plants, and a broken mailbox would have concern about your BTU hangin' out the garage.

Brad & Shana said...

I just knew we were going to cause a neighborhood ruckus. Brad waited until the last possible minute to put it in. But, yes, it's only temporary...just for this weekend. It's not a scrapbooking weekend though, more like a Tres Dias event.

That's hilarious. I wonder what everyone else is saying/thinking.

The Wild World of Richmond said...

Okay, I checked here and the adoption page and can't find my post. I know I posted on it. Do you guys ever lose your comments? I feel like that's happening more and more these days. hmmmm...sigh...okay, I'll try again.
I'm so excited for you guys. Bryn and Erin are praying about the medical stuff. Well, me, too, but they are so much more reliable. I remember about once every three days(being real here), they hit it every time. Erin has now graduated to calling you "Sharon". I corrected her a few times and then I thought she'll figure it out on her own.
love you,