Friday, June 27, 2008

Fun Fact Friday: The crazy days of Summer

Hey folks. I know I've missed the Fun Fact the last couple of Fridays, but this summer has been C-RAZY. Fun, but crazy. I thought I'd just give a couple of picture highlights of the fun times.

We kicked off the beginning of summer at church with a simultaneous girl pajama party/boy camp out on the last day of school. I had the camera with me at the pajama party, so those are the pictures I'll share. Brad & Bryce were at the camp out, but unfortunately have nothing digital to show for it.

The pajama party was a lot of fun. The girls got mani & pedi's, hair & makeup, karaoke, tattoos, story time, build your own sundae, cheerleading, and we showed the movie Enchanted. What more could a girl want......except another poster of High School Musical (which is what we gave out as door prizes). The book that I read at story time is entitled, The Princess and the Kiss, and it is a wonderful story for young girls about purity. Enjoy the pictures, they are pretty self explanatory. Obviously SK had a blast!

Next up, we have Bryce getting his Orange Belt in Karate. He started in January. He had to earn his white belt, and then 3 red stripes had to be earned. Then, you actually test for your orange belt. So, he was psyched about it.

Now, on to VBS. The kids have been having a great time this week in "Jerusalem". They have loved all the shops and songs and tribe time and activities. Bryce was in the tribe of Levi and Sara Kate was in the tribe of Judah. They have both made some great memories this week.

Bryce is having some tribe time with the tribe of Levi.

Sara Kate is proudly displaying the sign she made in the art shop.

Brad hard at work in the carpentry shop.

I was in the jewelry shop helping the kids make some fabulous cross necklaces, but I don't have that digitally documented either. (I'm always the one with the camera).

In addition to these things, we've hosted some things for Tres Dias and I'm facilitating a bible study for the ladies at church.

Fun or not, the fact is: Summer is crazy. But, we think it's fun........busy, and tiring, but fun. We hope all of y'all are having a fun filled crazy summer too.


chelle belle said...

Looks like a BLAST!!!!

Jenny said...

Oh Shana. Thank you so much for opening up your home and your schedule to so many people! You are awesome and greatly appreciated (so are Brad & the kids)!

Brittany said...

What a fabulous summer!

Do you think if I pray really hard the Lord will make me a kid again? Oh what am I asking for. . .then I would have to be a teenager again. . .ugh. On second thought, I think I will stay right where I am unless of course the Lord comes back then of course I will GLADLY go.

Steven, Meleia & Libby said...

I bet they are still talking about the great time they had!

Tammy said...

OK, the problem with me only showing the latest 5 posts is that if I don't leave a comment quickly enough then it goes out of sight and out of mind. This was a great post BTW. Boy, we can cram some fun into a summer can't we!

Tamara Chastain said...

A-MEN on the crazy summer. We are having a blast but... it is truly to crazy and it is going by waaaaay to fast.