Thursday, July 9, 2009

Let's Share Ideas

I know, I know, I've been absent for a while. And, yes, I've got several things to blog about (so watch for them in the near future) but this post has been brewing in my head for a week or so, and I just thought it was time to get it published.

It seems lately, that I've had a heightened burden for my children. I think this is due, in part, to the political climate of our nation. I can look back, and see what our great nation was founded on, but when I look ahead, I don't like where we are going. It can be very scary, and thinking about it absolutely always encompasses my children. What will the Nation be like for them? Will they be allowed to worship freely? Christianity is growing in other parts of the world, but in America, it is losing ground. Of course, I suppose that there is a whole other post about what we, as Christians, could - no SHOULD do about it, and I certainly wish I had even one or two of the answers for that question. But even if I did, I don't have a lot of control over the nation as a whole, but Brad & I do have control (for now) of our family and our children. We can be sure that they are prepared, that they believe, and that they know why they believe what they believe.

Anyway, with that being on my mind lately, I've tried to become more and more intentional about matters of the faith. In other words, I'm trying to really live out the portion of Deuteronomy where it talks about teaching your children constantly. Now, Bryce is 6 and Sara Kate is 4, so I'm not talking about any huge, heady, doctrinal stuff here. I'm just trying to think of ways that I can constantly talk about or teach them about Jesus.

This is where you come in....where the sharing comes in. This is where we can brainstorm together. I'm not a creative person, I need all the help I can get. And, I figured y'all might like some new ideas too. So, I'll share mine, if you'll share yours. Don't worry, this won't take long. :) Here goes:

One of the newer things that I've been doing is explaining songs to them. Both of my kids love music. They both fall asleep listening to music and they both love to listen to songs..and I'm not just talking about fun, kids songs; although we do love ourselves some VeggieTales. So, we'll get them a CD and before you know it, they are singing along. But, just like adults, so often they memorize the words but don't always get the metaphors and messages in the music. So, if we're driving down the road, and I've got a CD in, I will stop it and sort of 'set up' or explain the song to them (in very kid friendly terms) just to make sure they 'get' what they are singing about. By the way, we've really been digging Francesca Battistelli's new CD. There are a ton of catchy little melodies that the kids love, and almost every song is easily explained. Another example is Brandon Heath's "Give me your eyes". Bryce LOVES that song, but again, I wanted him to "get" it, so we've talked about it and about what it means. My explanations are simple (after all, it is me who is giving them, they can't be too complicated) and they are usually just one or two sentences. But hopefully, as they listen to it, or the next time it comes on the radio, it will cause them to think about it. Now, I'm not saying that I've seen any real "fruit" from my explaining endeavours, but again, I'm just trying to 'keep it constant' for them. Although, I will say, that now, when a song comes on, Sara Kate will often ask, "What does this song mean momma?" So, who knows, maybe it's getting in there somewhere.

I've already mentioned that we do Devotions by playing the "Mad/Sad/Glad game" and that we pray together as a family a specific way during our devotions. And, I've also mentioned that during Christmas, we do "The Jesse Tree" and and Advent Wreath. Along those same lines, I have gotten a book called Faith Launch, which gives you ways to launch the faith of your children by doing devotions. And, I love the concept, but I keep forgetting that you have to have specific materials (like object lessons) and of course, when I'm out I don't remember to get the materials. But, I plan to try that soon.

And, I suppose I don't really have to mention this one, but I will. I pray for our kids. Our minister of music taught a class on parenting a while back, and he had several hand outs on ways to pray for your kids. He also said that he prayed that God would give him a scripture promise for each of his kids. I have done that as well, and I pray that verse over them often.

That's all I've got. That's it. Nothing fancy or earth shattering here.....nothing deep or super spiritual. And, Lord knows, certainly nothing new. But, I'd sure love to have some new ideas....what do you do?


Jennifer Talley said...


I would love to know the correct way to pray for my kids.....I too have a huge burden for my kids.....I have a devotional book for my oldest son that we read...but for the little kids we sing and talk too. Thanks for being a Christian mother....


Tammy said...

You know we talk about this frequently, and it is on my mind even more than that, but alas I need more ideas too! One thing that I do is I always try to pull in God's word when we are having a discussion. In other words...God says this about _______. Now many times I have to go look up one, cause they are hidden so far in my heart that I'm not so great at pulling them up right on the spot. But, I think that is good for them to see as well. If mom doesn't know the answer, where does she go.