Thursday, May 7, 2009


I know that Easter is over, but my crazy self can not blog out of chronological order. And, we had such a great little Easter that I can't entertain the thought of leaving it out.

To start the morning off, the Farmer family attended our first ever Sunrise Service. It was a lovely little service where we were privileged to get to see several people baptized. And, can I just say that being baptized on Easter Sunday at Sunrise is such a wonderful and memorable sentiment. How very special for them.

Brad said that when he was growing up, the boy scouts always helped with the sunrise services for their church; but I had never been to one, and neither had our kids. So, it was a neat experience. I think next year, (providing this feeble mind can remember) we might do our own "family sunrise service" at our house followed by a breakfast. I think that would be a cool tradition for a family to do together to really celebrate the meaning of Easter. However, I must say, our church really does have a wonderful place to watch the sunrise. Don't you agree?

And speaking of traditions, this year the ladies of the church "resurrected" one that they have enjoyed in the past. [and if you did not enjoy that lovely segue and holiday inspired pun, then you do not appreciate writing at it's finest......or corniest] And, while I did not participate because it meant having to be at church even earlier than just before sunrise, I still thought it was a sweet idea and the finished product was beautiful. Here is what the EMC ladies were doing way before sunrise.

After the sunrise service, the church gathered in the parish hall for breakfast together. We ended up being finished with breakfast WAY before time for regular church to start. So, several of us ended up sitting around the table playing rummy. Somewhere in the middle of our card game I commented that I could honestly say I had never played Rummy at church on Easter Sunday. We all got a kick out of it, but had a great time playing.

During the regular service, the Elementary Choir sang a song, and Bryce had a part in a "trio". This was the first time that he has had any sort of part and he was really excited. Honestly, I was shocked at him. During the weeks leading up to Easter, he would ask me to help him practice. He sang that song over and over. He did a fabulous job (all 3 of the boys did). I don't really have good pictures of camera stinketh, and they turned out dark and too far away. But, they were so cute and did a great job.

After church, we went to mom & dad's to spend the day. Brad & I got to nap, while the kids hung out with their grandparents; and trust me when I say that fact alone was enough to make it the best day ever!! Sara Kate and GDaddy were getting some swing time in while mom & dad were catching some zzzzz's.

After we woke up, we let the kids dye eggs. Can I just say that there are a LOT more egg dying options around now than when I was a kid. Good grief, we had glitter and crayons and shrinky things with sports stuff on them and stickers. If I didn't get to participate, I might just be a little bitter.
After egg dying we had the proverbial egg hunt. This year, we decided to have the Hildebrand's and Godwin's over for a cook out, and they had gotten there just in time for the egg hunt. Just so you know, all of the kids have actual Easter baskets but at the time of the hunt they were filled with their Easter morning bounty.....otherwise known as enough sugar to give them enough energy to power the neighborhood. But, since their baskets were otherwise disposed, we made do with plastic bags. Here's a few pics of the kids on the hunt.

One of the reasons mom wanted the Godwin's and Hildebrand's to come is she had recently learned a new game while away on a fun retreat with my sister, and she viewed their coming as a prime opportunity to smoke them in a friendly game of spoons. Oh, yes, she secretly thought she would be crowned The Spoon Queen. However, little did she know that quiet little Gail had some mad spoon skills of her own. And, in fact, Gail was the spoon champion of the evening. Our kudos to you Gail. I would love to post of picture of our spoons game, but the game is rather cut throat and I wasn't about to try to get a picture of the madness....even after I was eliminated, I feared my picture taking might mess with someone's mojo and I would not be able to bear the responsibility of causing anyone to lose.....especially my mother, who would gladly beat me with a wet noodle for punishment.

See why I couldn't leave this one out? It was a picture perfect day. We got to celebrate the love of our Risen Lord with a SONrise service and a great church service, and we got to spend the rest of the day with loved ones. In my estimation, there is nothing greater in this world than those two things. The knowledge of a Saviour who is ALIVE and WITH US after loving us enough to offer himself up as an ultimate sacrifice to death. And, the love and blessing of friends and family. Nope, it don't get no better than that!!


Tammy said...

It really was a fabulous day all around! Thanks for letting us join in on your fun!!!

Tammy Howard said...

You gotta love Easter and you gotta love our awesome church!!! That was a wonderfully blessed day for all of us.

I saw you playing Easter rummy....

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing your day with us!!