Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We all need our heads examined

Up until last week, I've always thought I had a pretty good handle of who my family (extended family included) is. In fact, I would describe us as a normal family who is down to earth with a good helping of common sense and decent dose of fun. We're certainly not flashy or even overly fashionable, but we have at least an average amount of style (some of us like Shelley & Mom have been blessed with more style than others). However, last week two significant occurrences happened that seriously make me question the sanity of the Lingerfelt/Farmer clan.

The first 'incident' was that my parents finally received their anxiously awaited for Snuggies. I can not even begin to tell you how shocked I was that they ordered these. They are just not the 'as seen on tv' kind of folks. Trust me, this incident alone has provided more comic relief to my siblings and I than any other of recent memory. And daddy can't say a thing, because he is the one that bestowed on us the lovely facetious/sarcastic gene that we have practically worn out from overuse these last few days. And before you go and feel sorry for them, just know that they are both as happy as little larks in their oversize bathrobes worn backwards. Upon viewing Dad in his newly acquired Snuggie, Scott said that he expected to be served communion immediately, so he dubbed Daddy the "Snuggie Monk." And, Shelley said that the reason they send the darn lights with them is because something is bound to get lost in that vast expanse they call "sleeves." Probably the funniest thing to me is that the snuggie is apparently insanely popular. My parent's snuggies were back ordered for 4 weeks. And, so was Beth Moore's . And, what's worse, much to Shelley's chagrin, is that you can even get them accessorized. Which, I'm sure even to Shelley's perfectly accessorized self is just wrong.....all wrong. But, without further ado, let me introduce you to the Snuggie Monk:

By the way, he may look all monk-ish there, but don't let the appearance fool you. You are looking at a man that can build and fix anything. Be watching for a post soon about what he built the kids for Christmas (I'm only 2 months behind). I'm going to devote a whole post to the Snuggie monk and his wares.

The next incident was what I saw in my own back yard upon a casual glance out the window. Apparently, my husband had a temporary lapse in good judgement and decided to wash the car wearing a bear head hat. I have absolutely no idea what possessed him to do this, but it got so much attention that our neighbor had to come over and say hello. So, just the other day, in my own back yard, to grown men were having a grown up conversation and one of them was wearing a bear head on his head. Mind you, this is the same hat that my then 4 year old son wore to his first dentist appointment.

What's more is that both of these things happened on the exact same day. I commented to a friend that I needed to go find a rock to hide under until all the insanity stopped. However, it just continued to rear it's ugly head. The very next day, I walked by our poor beagle and noticed that she looked especially bright and perky. Upon further inspection, I discovered that Sara Kate had gone all Mary-Kay on her and had given her some lovely pink rouge on her furry little cheeks. But one should never just don blush and forget the eyelids and Sara Kate would never break this cardinal make-up rule, so she also got above Gigi's eyes as well. I suppose with a Parisian name like Gigi, Sara Kate just assumed she would be a fashion forward kind of dog.

I know the actual make up is a little difficult to see in this picture, but I just had to show this picture because it looks like she's in prayer. And that prayer probably goes something like this, "Dear Lord, I have no idea what I did to deserve this cruel and unusual punishment, but I do hereby solemnly repent and swear to never, ever do it again, if you will make this little girl leave me alone. - Amen."

Again, the make up is sort of hard to see. But, have y'all ever tried to take a picture of a dog whose still in shell shock from all the beauty torture she just endured. I honestly, don't know how in the world Sara Kate got her to be still to get all of it on her, but make up was all over both of their faces.

So, it seems that Bryce and I are are the only sane ones remaining. But, even if he does go all wacky like the rest of them, I believe I'll leave him alone. 'Cause look what he can do:

Yep, that's my 6 year old breaking a board.


Tammy said...

hmmmmm...maybe crazy runs in your family too! :)

Amy Dover said...

Good to see you back to seems to have taken a backseat to "crackbook"...hmmm, backseat, or maybe not even the same automobile?! Oh well, I'm one to talk, I don't even have a blog...and we definitely know I spend my fair share of time on the crack!

Anonymous said...

Oh!! I love your blog especially, well I don't know what I like most. I am sure however that I'm not the only person to agree with you . Infact I'm truely concerned for the little remaining sanity left in your family . love you , your completely sane aunt Barbara

Anonymous said...

Let the record show, I have not donned my snuggie YET, only because it hasn't been that cold since we got them. While Scott was making all matter of fun of your Dad, he was sitting in front of the fire place and Dad told him, "if he had a snuggie he wouldn't have to hug the fireplace."

As for Brad looking crazy I bet the guy talking to him felt a stupid as Brad looked. And Gigi has been looking a a little under the weather, Sara Kate thought she would put a little color in her cheeks. Pretty smart I would say.

The good thing about our family is that we don't have to worry about digressing, we are already there, the only way to go is up.

Here's looking at you

-brittany- said...

rahaha! Great post! I just love the in real life shot of the Snuggie. I seriously want one. I can't stand being cold and often wish I could fit in one of Ada's sleepsacks.

Can NOT believe your little man can break a board with his hand. Ya-ouch!

...and your poor Gigi!

Paul & Shelley said...

It appears my time with SK may have paid off after all. My very detailed instructions were for her to assist you in the whole make up department. I can understand why she started with Gigi. As for the rest of the blog.... I call the snuggie when I'm up there next. i have the perfect necklace to match it. ;)

Jenny said...

There's no maybe to it, crazy does run in your family but that is part of what makes y'all so much fun to be around! Poor Gigi...she's a saint for sure.